Not everyone can give subpoenas: from whom you can “accept” a call to the military registration and enlistment office

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Not everyone can serve subpoenas: who can


Recently, work has again been intensified in Ukraine on issuing subpoenas in crowded places, which is being done in order to update military credentials, because the state must calculate its mobilization resource.

Vladislav Zaitsev, a volunteer lawyer, tells who and where can serve this document and what should be indicated in it. 

According to him, subpoenas in Ukraine can be served anywhere, since the legislation of the state does not outline a clear list of places where this can happen. At the same time, only officials of the territorial recruitment and social support center should hand over the document.

At the same time, this process can also take place through the authorities self-government, through the heads of enterprises after receiving

"The cases of serving subpoenas by the police and representatives of the territorial defense are illegal, – said Zaitsev.

The summons must contain:

  • name and place of residence of the citizen;
  • Indication of the time and date of arrival at the TCC and the joint venture;
  • < li>Name and location of the TCC and the joint venture where the citizen should arrive;

  • Signature and seal of the managers of the TCC and joint venture.
  • It is noted that the person liable for military service must sign the agenda. Agenda must be delivered to the citizen personally.

“So, leaving subpoenas at the door, in mailboxes or phone calls to citizens about calling them to the TCC and the joint venture is not the proper delivery of the subpoena” ;, – added Zaitsev.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga  

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