Nosková awaits the semifinals of the tournament in Prague against Korpatschová

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Nosková čeká semi-finalá of the tournament in Prague against Korpatschové

Women's tennis tournament, quarterfinals, Linda Nosková (Czech Republic) – Anna Karolína Schmiedlová (Slovakia), August 4, 2023, Prague. Czech representative Linda Nosková.

Prague – Eighteen-year-old tennis player Linda Nosková will play the semi-finals of the domestic tournament in Prague at Sparta. Her opponent will be the German Tamara Korpatschová, the match is the second in the order on the program today. However, meteorologists are predicting all-day rain.

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By progressing to the semi-finals, Nosková equaled last year's result, she will face Korpatschová for the first time. The first battle for the final will be played by Tereza Martincová's defeater, the Japanese Nao Hibinová and the Romanian tennis player Jaqueline Cristiano.