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Nosferatu: this vampire film with Bill Skarsgård is extremely promising

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

A dark and heavy atmosphere, a mysterious vampire count at the same time. the Dracula, talented actors… All the ingredients come together to make the film Nosferatu a success . And actor Bill Skarsgård gives us the water to drink. the mouth by revealing more to it. about his role.

Nosferatu: this vampire film with Bill Skarsgård is extremely promising

< h2>bill skarsgard, from killer clown to agrave; vampire

Older Swedish actor At 33 years old, Bill Skarsgård has made a name for himself at the age of 33. Hollywood in recent years. He particularly stood out in his career. in the horror genre,by playing the killer clown Penny-Grippe in Ça(2017) and its sequel. He will reprise his role in 2025 in a prequel series, Welcome to Derry. In 2024, it must be at the poster for The Crow, but also for the filmNosferatuDirected by by Robert Eggers (The Lighthouse, The Witch), this feature film scheduled for 2024 features a very large cast, in which we find Willem Dafoe and Lily-Rose Depp .

Nosferatu: this vampire film with Bill Skarsgård is extremely promising

< p>InNosferatu, Bill Skarsgård plays Count Orlock, who is in reality a vampire.We didn't know much about the role until now, but the actor recently spoke about it. in the columns ofEsquire to tell us more.

nosferatu, or the dracula who does not say his name

The film Nosferatu will not be released ; strictly speaking a remake ofNosferatu the Vampire, released in 1922, but rather a new adaptation. In fact, it is more or less a new adaptation of the story of Dracula: the film from the 1920s took more or less the same pitch and the same characters, but changing the names, due to lack of rights.

Bill Skarsgård will play the vampire count, here called Orlock, who he promises is as repulsive as“sexy”:“he's repulsive. But it's very sexualized. It's about playing with a sexual fetish about the power of the monster and what this attraction gives you.I hope it will attract you a little, and at the same time that your attraction will disgust you”To immerse himself as much as possible in the skin of his character, Skarsgård explains that he isolated himself as much as possible from the rest of the cast during filming. Moreover, he was very often the only actor present to film the scenes in which he appears.

Nosferatu: this vampire film with Bill Skarsgård is extremely promising

< p>Always with the aim of working on his role, Bill Skarsgård reveals having worked on his role. with an opera singer in order to modify your voice and be able to speak with a very low tone. Physically, he thinks that people “won't recognize him”And for good reason, he spent between and six hours a day at have makeup done and prosthetics fitted! If we don't know exactly what her look will be inNosferatu, we already know what her look will be like inNosferatu. that he sent videos of him to the director, via zoom, with his hair slicked back and with false nails attached to his fingertips. Now, we can't wait to discover the first images from the Orlock account!

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