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Access to the workforce will be the major issue, in addition to public transport and housing, warns the CEO.

Northvolt has received 3000 applications in a week in Quebec | The battery industry

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Paolo Cerruti, co-founder of Northvolt and CEO of the company's North American branch.

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The Swedish company Northvolt claims to have received an avalanche of resumes in the week following the announcement, at the end of September, of the construction of its battery mega-factory in Montérégie, the largest manufacturing project in the region. #x27;history of Quebec. Its CEO warns, however, that it will need support, particularly from the government, to develop public transportation and housing for its future employees.

We cannot succeed alone, warned the co-founder of Northvolt, Paolo Cerruti, on Tuesday, during a conference in front of 650 business people who had paid to listen to him, at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM).

Northvolt's CEO for North America explained that four of the big issues regarding the mega-factory project, which is expected to begin production in 2026, will be labor, public transportation, social services and housing.

The factory, located straddling McMasterville and Saint-Basile-le-Grand, will call on at least 3,000 workers.

The CEO of the Swedish company said he had been reassured by his discussions with representatives of the manufacturing industry construction regarding the availability of labor, but he said he wonders about what happens next.

The battery sector

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The battery sector

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The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Michel Leblanc, assured that work was being done with universities on their capacity to provide initial training, and that we also wanted to be sure, collectively, that #x27;we can support workers who need to retrain for sectors of the future.

Radio-Canada revealed last week , that Northvolt should bring in hundreds of workers from abroad to start battery production and ensure technology transfer.

Outside the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel where the speech was delivered, protesters decried the lack of a review by the Office of Public Hearings into the environment (BAPE) for the first phases of battery assembly and manufacturing operations.

We never asked privileges depending on the regulations, assured Paolo Cerruti at a press conference.

His speech was also disrupted on several occasions by demonstrators from the Union Common Front, infiltrated in the audience of business people, who shouted : The employers are getting richer. As part of current negotiations in the public sector, union members are demanding that the Quebec government offer them better working conditions.

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Paolo Cerruti explained to the audience that the company had received a much better reception in Sweden for its project, compared to in Quebec. He said he understood that there are political tensions at the moment in the province.

Following the conference, the president of the CCMM declared that his personal impression was that things are more complicated in Quebec. I find us cautious about this investor, said Michel Leblanc.

He is totally aligned with our major priorities of greening the world. ;economy and society, argued Mr. Leblanc. They are doing their project on industrial land where dynamite was manufactured.

I wonder to what extent we have the right level of collective maturity to see the value of what is proposed.

A quote from Michel Leblanc, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

The environment is an issue that comes up often and Paolo Cerruti was keen to say that the questions asked about the project are legitimate, but that the speed of execution is not is not synonymous with shortcut.

We are finalizing the discussion with the Ministry of the Environment, he said about the authorization that&#x27 ;he should get it shortly.

Speed ​​is in our DNA, said the CEO of Northvolt and I invite Quebecers to run with us.

The governments of Quebec and Canada are investing $7.3 billion of public money in the Northvolt project.


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