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Northvolt: groups demand evaluation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jan17,2024

Northvolt : groups demand evaluation

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3D visualization of the Northvolt Six factory that the battery manufacturer is preparing to build in McMasterville and Saint-Basile-le-Grand, in Montérégie.

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Twelve environmental groups published a press release Wednesday in which they called for an independent environmental assessment to be carried out on the site of the future Northvolt factory in McMasterville and Saint-Basile-le-Grand.

These organizations deplore that work to fell trees and fill in wetlands began on Tuesday, without Quebec having held a real environmental assessment.

The press release signed by Eau Secours, Nature Québec, Greenpeace and the David Suzuki Foundation, in particular, underlines that without an independent environmental assessment, the government will become a prisoner of the successive concessions it has made until now, and who knows how far it will have to go in the face of the many other obstacles that will undoubtedly arise in the future, such as the pumping of water into the habitat of the copper redhorse or the disturbance of the bittern during the nesting period.

The Ministry of the Environment authorized last week the start of construction work on the factory , without an examination by the Bureau d'public hearings on the environment (BAPE) being held.

However, Northvolt will eventually be subject to a BAPE for the part of its mega-factory project linked to battery recycling.

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The perception that the regulations relating to the environmental assessment of projects have been changed specifically for Northvolt also greatly harms the social acceptability of the project, according to groups which also include the Quebec Center for Environmental Law. ;environment (CQDE), Environnement Jeunesse, Équiterre, Fondation Rivière, the Quebec Common Front for Ecological Waste Management (FCQGED), the Climate Reality Project Canada, the Quebec Network of Environmental Groups — RQGE and SNAP Quebec.

A regulation was modified last February by Quebec to allow the Northvolt project to escape a BAPE review, according to information from first relayed by Radio-Canada.

Its production capacity would be 56,000 metric tons, while the Regulations relating to the evaluation and #x27;examination of the environmental impacts of certain projects has been modified to avoid a BAPE assessment for battery factories that produce 60,000 metric tons or less.

Northvolt's future lithium battery factory will receive $7.3 billion in provincial and federal aid.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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