North Korea simulated nuclear strikes on South Korea

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North Korea simulated nuclear strikes on South Korea


North South Korea said it launched two short-range tactical ballistic missiles to simulate attacks on major command centers and airfields in South Korea. This was reported by the BBC and KCNA. North Korea said that the tests were conducted as a warning against the deployment of US strategic bombers in the region.It is noted that the missiles were launched late at night on August 30 during “tactical nuclear exercises simulating scorched earth strikes on major command centers and operational airfields”. in South Korea.

The launches are taking place against the background of annual military exercises between Washington and Seoul.

The message says that Pyongyang has long assessed these exercises as a rehearsal for war by the United States.

"The exercise aims to send a clear signal to the enemies" who "challenge us with such military threats as the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons, despite our repeated warnings", – the North Korean military said.

The launches came a day before South Korea and the United States concluded 11 days of joint military exercises.

South Korea said two missiles fell into the sea.

According to South Korean media, at least one American B-1B strategic bomber, which flew over the Korean Peninsula, took part in the exercise.

During the exercise, the military simulated repelling a surprise attack and then carrying out counterattacks with the aim of occupying "the entire territory of the southern half".

As you know, Russia and North Korea are conducting active negotiations regarding the purchase of weapons. The Kremlin wants to use it to wage war against Ukraine.

BAGNET reminds that US President Joe Biden is ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss reducing the nuclear threat on the Korean Peninsula.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga