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DPRK plans to launch new spy satellites by 2024

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North Korea confirmed its plan to launch a number of exploration satellites after the launch of the first spy satellite into orbit in November 2023. The Korean dictator Kim Jong-in announced under the hour of alarm that the country plans to launch into orbit three more spy satellites of its fate, reports Yonhap.

"Hope The latest launch of the reconnaissance satellite Malligyong-1 “The last fate has called for the necessary progress in the defense of the country, and whose fate will also see a number of launches,” said the intercessor of the director of the National Aerospace Technology Administration of South Korea Park Kyung-soo, quoted by є Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Last year, the South Korean military announced that South Korea had installed a screen at the Tongchang-ri spaceport to make it difficult to follow it. It is possible to note that preparations are underway before the launch of the satellite.

According to Park, Southern Korea reports efforts for the development of satellites for various purposes, such as agricultural rule, land management and control of the elements nim likha.

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