North Korea has already started supplying the Russian army with ammunition, – Budanov

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North Korea has long since started supplying the Russian army with ammunition, - Budanov

Russia is already receiving ammunition from North Korea,   Kyrylo Budanov, head of the State Intelligence Service, said in a comment to NV.

“When they say that now Putin will write off or sign (the agreement on the supply of ammunition – ed.), it's all a lie. “Because a month and a half ago, everything was agreed upon and shipments from North Korea began,” Budanov said.

First of all, we are talking about 122 mm and 152 mm projectiles for Soviet-style guns, as well as rockets for MLRS “ Hail”. In addition, the DPRK transfers tank shells to Russia.

“Unfortunately for us, North Korea — is a serious arms manufacturer because they are able to make them in large quantities — Russia is not capable of issuing such a volume, — noted Budanov.

The head of the Intelligence Service emphasized that the Russians are lying when they say that they have increased their own production of weapons. Due to the fact that the Russian Federation destroyed its own powerful production, it is 3-7% of the planned volumes.

At the same time, serial production of weapons was preserved in North Korea. 

Projectiles produced by the DPRK “to a certain extent will negatively affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine”, Moscow plans to receive million batches of shells. 

However, this is the size of the order, and it is not known how much the Koreans will be able to deliver quickly.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych