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Norman Thavaud: the former YouTube star invites Internet users to vote mercilessly

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Accusé of rape and corruption of minors, but not convicted; by the courts, Norman Thavaud attempts a discreet return to social networks, via his Instagram account. He tries to deliver a message in the middle of legislative elections, but Internet users violently challenge him. his place.

Norman Thavaud: the former YouTube star invites Internet users to vote without pity

norman thavaud speaks in the middle of elections

Totally disappeared from YouTube since November 2022 and absent from social networks for more than a year and a half, < strong>Norman Thavaud decided to to speak again in the middle of the legislative elections, by publishing a message on his Instagram account. The former YouTuber, formerly known under the pseudonym Norman makes videos, wants to “encourage those who were not planning to do so to go vote”< strong>,although he tries to be humble by saying that he has “no one to tell you what to put in the ballot box”.

< p>Norman Thavaud: the former YouTube star invites Internet users to go and vote without pity

Inviting to you do not give in to the call of extremism, Norman Thavaud ends his message with a postscript:“I miss you”The problem is that this kind of message is difficult to convey. accept for many people, coming from a man accused of of rape and corruption of minors since 2022. We will not go into detail about the whole affair, but the fact is thatNorman was not convicted. judged guilty by the courts, which classified the the case without further action. However, this was not enough to resolve the issue. clear his honor among Internet users.

Norman Thavaud: the former YouTube star invites Internet users to vote without pity

rape and corruption of minors: Internet users do not forget

It was after more than a year and a half of radio silence on his social networks that Norman Thavaud decided to move forward. to make his return by publishing a message encouraging the French to vote for legislative elections. However, if you consult X and the other time-to-time networks; Others, you probably know that Internet users don't really appreciate being infantilized by telling them what to do, and even less who to vote for. And when Norman talks about extremism , RN voters believe that it is their party that is being targeted.

But it is above all for his legal setbacks that Norman Thavaud is strongly criticized. The comments under his Instagram post are now deactivated, but on ;summer targeted, he is not legitimate to give his opinion on anything.

« I miss you » it's not reciprocal in any case

June 29, 2024

Let him rest assured , unlike its conquests, we are adults and capable of making our own choices.

June 29, 2024

“I only put my ballot in the slot if the ballot box is under 18 years old”

June 29, 2024

I miss you is only for underage girls

June 29, 2024< /blockquote>

Go to jail

June 29 , 2024

He hopes he doesn't there will not be a majority in parliament

June 29, 2024

We call him to leave the minors alone..

June 29, 2024

as if we didn't forget that it’s a pedo pointer lol

June 29, 2024

Since the publication of his post on Instagram, Norman Thavaud did not speak again; and did not react to the numerous negative feedback generated by his speech.

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