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Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

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The name of Norbert Scamander was already known. known to Harry Potter fans, but we would never have imagined see a series of films dedicated to him! However, Scamander, famous author of Fantastic Beasts and sorcerer recognized by his peers, has never been a wizard. much more than a name in the original saga, a name which has nevertheless appeared several times in the books, but also in the films! 

Newt Scamander: the story of this famous character

Newt Scamander: the story behind the main character of Fantastic Beasts

First of all, Norbert Scamander (or Newt Scamander in the original version) is the author of the school textbook Fantastic Beasts, this very textbook which is in the original version. the origin of the book. We see the name Scamander for the first time in the first book Harry Potter when the latter reads his list of school textbooks buy before the start of the school year. You may also have it in your possession, because this little red book was released in bookstores for muggles in 2001 in the same way as Quidditch Agrave. across the ages. One was green, the other red.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

The magizoologist also has his chocolate frog card drawn!

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

Does Norbert Scamander appear in Harry Potter

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

Norbert Scamander is undoubtedly one of the most endearing characters created in the world. Written by Scottish writer J.K. Rowling. The magizoologist from theFantastic Beastssagaplayed an important role in the fight against the fearsome black mage Gellert Grindelwald.But does he appear in the Harry Potter cycle? Well no. Which does not prevent it from being mentioned. à several times.First of all, it is mentioned; from chapter 5 ofHarry Potter to; the school of wizards, when Harry discovers the list of textbooks he must buy. We also know, because the author revealed it; After the conclusion of the saga, Luna Lovegood, one of Harry, Ron and Hermione's close friends, will marry his grandson, Rolf Scamander. 

Appearances in the movies easter egg base

But it is mainly his appearances in the films that interest him. Indeed, cinematic adaptations leave less room for the small details of the magical world, and even more. present,Scamander was just one of those details that made the Harry Potter universe richer, more real, so he had no place in the films where only the elements used for the stories are present.
And yet, we can see his name in front of him. several times, like a wink. 

For example, we can see his name on the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 

Newt Scamander's name appeared in the Marauder's Map in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'.#KLIPSmy #DidYouKnow #FantasticBeasts

November 20, 2016

Theory fans wonder, what does Scamander do to you? Hogwarts during Harry's third year?!No panic, either. a priori it is only a small wink without consequences or particular meaning. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see an aging Norbert visit his wife. Dumbledore for some reason. But it is still unlikely that this will happen.

Another appearance of Scamander in the films:his portrait, displayed among the headmasters of Hogwarts in Dumbledore's office. 

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

Severe; also, big question! Because we know very well that Norbert Scamander was never a prisoner. director at Hogwarts. In addition, the presence of his portrait would indicate that he would have died, except we know thanks to the information provided on Pottermore by J.K Rowling that Norbert Scamander would still be alive at the time of his schooling. by Harry.

In fact,it is also a wink, a rather unwelcome wink since it introduces an error into the films . But let's be lenient towards the film's set designers, At the time, we would never have imagined that this would happen. that the author of Fantastic Beastsbecome so important in the Harry Potter universe! 

Who is Norbert Scamander's wife? 

On her website, J.K. Rowling announced as Luna Lovegood, a much-loved character. Harry Potter fans, married Rolf Scamander, the grandson of Norbert Scamander, with whom she had two twins. This indication tells us that the main character ofFantastic Beastsgot married. And identity of his wife is not unknown: it is Propentina Goldstein, who appeared for the first time at the beginning of the first part of Fantastic Beasts, as indicated in this article. in the biographer of Norbert Scamander who appears in the bookFantastic Beasts.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

< p>Newly arrived à New York, Norbert meets Propentina Goldstein, aka Tina, a witch who was fired from the Bureau of Auroras after having used a witch. the magic on Mari Lou Bellebosse, the adoptive mother of Croyance and leader of the League of the Faithful of Salem. During their first meeting, Tina seeks to arrest Norbert because the latter used his wand with a muggle companion.But when she brings him to the Magical Congress of the É United States, its hierarchy chastises it. She then accompanies Norbert, because the latter, having confused his validity with that of Jacob Kowalski, misplaced him. all the fantastic creatures it contained.

While their romantic relationship was almost threatened by a misunderstanding inFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Norbert and Tina got married and had at least a child together. However, we cannot accurately date their marriage, given the fact that the saga Fantastic Beasts is currently unfinished. 

Who is the son of Norbert Scamander? 

As we have just seen, Norbert Dragonneau married Propentina Goldstein. The two lovebirds had at least one child together. However, his name was never revealed by J.K. Rowling. We nevertheless know that this child of Norbert Dragonneau and Propentina Goldstein had a son, Rolf Dragonneau, who married à Luna Lovegood after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Who is Norbert Scamander's grandson? 

If the son of Norbert and Tina Scamander is not known to Harry Potter fans, we do however know that the latter had a son: Rolf Scamander. The latter married with one of Harry Potter's closest friends: Luna Lovegood. No doubt the eccentricity of de Luna was able to catch the eye of this young wizard, who perhaps saw in her certain points in common with her illustrious grandfather. Moreover, Rolf Scamander seems to have a certain admiration for Norbert: in fact, like him, he became a magizoologist, thus propagating the legacy of the Fantastic Beasts hero. Luna, who accompanies him on all his travels, will give him two twins: Lorcan and Lysander.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

< h2>What is the name of Norbert Scamander's pet?

All his life, Norbert Scamander has maintained a very special relationship with fantastic animals. Not content with making them his object of study, he also fought for their preservation and protection. He never goes out without his suitcase, which in addition to containing his laboratory, houses numerous creatures that Norbert studies, cares for and maintains, before releasing them.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

But among all the creatures that accompany Norbert, two of them have a special relationship with the British wizard. The first is a botruc: this twig-like creature, which watches over the trees used to make magic wands, is also particularly poached and used because of their sharp, tapered fingers, which make them formidable “tools” for picking locks. Norbert's botruc is called Pickett. Abused by his brothers, he refuses to leave the mantle of Norbert. He pretends to be sick to stay in his pocket.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

The other animal very close to Norbert is Teddy, the niffler. Escaping from Norbert's suitcase, this little kleptomaniac creature attracted by everything that shines is the trigger for the first filmFantastic Beasts. Although his nature pushes Norbert to; have your constant attention, this adorable creature – a true icon of the sagaFantastic Beasts – is one of the young wizard's inseparable companions!

What is Norbert Scamander's real name?

As with many characters in Harry Potter, the translators of Fantastic Beasts have decided to translate the original name of the protagonist into Norbert Scamander, which in the English version is called Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. He is nicknamed Newt by his friends and family. The three first names and the English name of Norbert say a lot about the character and his character.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

First of all,Newton undoubtedly refers to the English scientist Isaac Newton(1642-1727). If his scientific work has been fundamental in the history of science, notably for classical mechanics and his theory of universal gravitation, Newton was also an alchemist, like Nicolas Flamel, who plays an important role in Harry Potter at the Sorcerer's Stone, but also inFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In addition,it is quite funny that Newton's diminutive, “Newt”, means “triton” in English; a piece of data relate to its last name, Scamander, which means “salamander“, another amphibian. 

Artemis is obviously the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt, who is also perceived as the divinity of the hunt. protector of wild animals; it is difficult not to draw a parallel with Norbert's activities. Finally,Fido means “faithful,trustworthy” in Latin; two qualities that suit everyone. made to the protagonist ofFantastic Beasts, since he is the character in whom Albus Dumbledore puts all his trust in these troubled times. 

Why Norbert Scamander?&nbsp ;

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

As we have seen, Norbert Scamander is the French translation ;ease of “Newton Scamander”. However, we can question this choice. First of all, you should know that this name dates from the first French translation ofHarry Potter to the school of wizards, in 1998. Either at a time when the start of a cinematographic saga around the character of Norbert Dragonneau had never been possible. discussed by anyone. Furthermore, according to one theory, the translator Jean-François Ménard chose to rename it Norbert, in a nod to the baby. dragon (the little dragon) that Hagrid acquires throughout the novel. A way to highlight the deep love of animals that Newt Scamander and Rubeus Hagrid share. 

How old is Newt Scamander? 

If the cycle < em>Harry Potter tells us the adventures of adolescents during their school years, the cycle Fantastic Beasts tells us the adventures of adult characters.&nbsp ;Norbert Scamander was born; on February 24, 1897.At the beginning of the cycleFantastic Beasts, whose action takes place in 1926, it is therefore aged aged 29.A year later, inThe Crimes of Grindelwald, he goes to Paris. The third part of the cycle,Dumbledore's Secrets, begins in 1932. Norbert Scamander is then aged 35 years old.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

< p>At the beginning of Harry Potter in wizard school, Norbert Scamander is aged 94 years old, the plot beginning in 1991. And it seems that he still has good years ahead of him, since nothing indicates that Norbert is dead when Harry Potter and Deathly Hallowsin 1998. He is then aged 101 years old. For the moment, J.K. Rowling has not indicated When did Norbert die? Knowing that wizards live longer than muggles – Dumbledore died à 116 years old – it is not impossible that Norbert has lived many more years in the company of his wife Tina.

What is the personality of Norbert? by Norbert Scamander?

Personality by Norbert Scamander is at the heart of many discussions among critics and fans. Indeed, although the hero of a fantasy saga, Norbert Scamander does not have the image that we usually have of this type of character. Discreet, uncommunicative, shy, always calm and composed, and not particularly having a leader's attitude, Norbert prefers the company of animals to life. that of humans, which he struggles to overcome; look in the eyes. Despite Despite his childish appearance, he is nevertheless sure of himself and his own abilities. True to his ideals and his friends, he does not hesitate to put himself at the service of the cause of Albus Dumbledore in his fight against the formidable Gellert Grindelwald, which he already has faced à many times. He is also very courageous! Above all, he had very progressive ideals for his time; not content to experience friendship; for a non-maj (American name for muggles), he is also very critical of the way in which the American Congress considers couples between wizards and non-maj. Several fans, as well as his interpreter Eddy Redmayne, consider that Norbert Scamander has Asperger's autism.

What did Norbert Scamander do after the sagaFantastic Beasts?< /em>

To the great misfortune of fans, due to the failures ofFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and its sequelDumbledore's Secrets, Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to to pause the cycle ofFantastic Beasts. However, although we have no certainty that we will one day see on the big screen the continuation of the adventures of Norbert Scamander and the famous duel between Dumbledore and Dumbledore. Grindelwald, we can however rejoice that J.K. Rowling gave various indications on the life of Norbert after the events of the films.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

We thus learn that Norbert Scamander returned to at the Ministry of Magic in 1947. He worked at the Ministry of Magic in 1947. on two large-scale projects: the Werewolf Registry, as well asa law aimed at banning the experimental breeding of magical creatures and which was promulgated in 1965; proof if any that Norbert Scamander remained the same until At the end of his career, faithful to the causes and progressive ideas that have always been his goal. his own. 

We also know that When he retired, Norbert and Tina were left behind. quiet days in Dorset. For the rest of his life, unfortunately, we can only speculate. Given its fidelity à Albus Dumbledore, it is doubtful whether Norbert would have remained arms crossed the time of Lord Voldemort's first rise to power.It seems more plausible to us that he joined the Order of the Phoenix at the end of the year. his creation. 

What is the relationship between Norbert Scamander and Albus Dumbledore? 

Norbert Scamander met Albus Dumbledore when he was studying magic at home. Hogwarts. We know that the future director of the school of witchcraft, who then served as Professor against the Forces of Evil, always had great affection and great confidence in Norbert, to the point that when the latter was almost expelled from school after accusing himself of of a mistake committed by his friend Leta Lestrange, Albus Dumbledore interceded in his favor, in order to avoid his dismissal. ” type=”image/webp”>Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

< p>Once an adult, Norbert Scamander provided various services to the public. his former teacher, for whom he felt strongly; both recognition and admiration, despite his many concealments and secrets.If Norbert goes to New York in the first part ofFantastic Beasts, it's because he has to lead a mission for Albus Dumbledore. At the start ofCrimes of Grindelwald, Dumbledore requires his help, and he entrusts a delicate mission: to find Croyance Bellebosse in Paris. Paris. 

What is the relationship between Norbert Dragonneau and Thésée Dragonneau? 

First appeared inFantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald, Thésée is the older brother of Thésée. by Norbert Scamander. More sociable, but also sure of himself, he heads the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic. If the two brothers are very different the one from the other, Thésé shows himself to be very (sometimes too) protective of Norbert, although he does not always understand it and is animated. best intentions in his regard.

Norbert Scamander: the story of this famous character

Engaged à Leta Lestrange, Norbert's childhood friend, Thésée will witness the latter's sacrifice during the confrontation against Gellert Grindelwald at the Père Lachaise Cemetery. This traumatic event will further strengthen the bonds between the Scamander brothers, who will collaborate closely together in the third part,Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets

What is the relationship between Norbert Scamander and Jacob Kowalski?

Norbert meets Jacob at the Steen National Bank, when the latter wanted to take out a loan to open a bakery. Although he is a non-maj, Norbert will embark him – at first against his will – in his magical adventures, to the great displeasure of the American Congress of Magic. The discovery and beauty of the Wizarding world will deeply mark Jacob, who will see it as an escape from the gloom of his own existence. Especially since the non-maj will fall irresistibly in love with Queenie Goldstein, the sister of Propentina Goldstein.

Although Jacob's memories were erased at the end of the first part, Norbert will leave him enough to pay for his bakery. However, the non-maj will keep some traces of memories, which will be revived by Queenie, who is also very much in love with the aspiring baker.

Newt Scamander: the story of this famous character

Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski will quickly become friends, to the point where they are probably best friends. Furthermore, Newt is more than a guide in the world of magic for the non-maj: his marriage to Queenie Goldstein the end of the filmFantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets, and that between Norbert and Tina, Queenie's sister, now make them two members of the same family strong>. 

Who plays Norbert Scamander? 

To play the role of Norbert Scamander, David Yates and J.K. Rowling called on English actor Eddy Redmayne. With his androgynous appearance, the actor was able to perfectly portray the coolest magizoologist in the Wizarding World. Let's note that Eddy Redmayne is quite a fan. actor ; he won the Oscar for best actor in 2015 forA Marvelous History of Time, in which he plays the late scientist Stephen Hawking, before being appointed the following year forThe Danish Girl. His interpretation of Norbert Dragonneau allowed him to win the Empire Award for best actor in 2017, during the ceremony organized by the American magazineEmpire.&nbsp ;

For the French voice, it’s at; the actor Théo Frilet who was asked to to lend his vocal organ to Norbert Scamander. If his voice means anything to you, nothing could be more normal since he doubles the voice of Jamie Bell in the filmThe Snow Throughby Bong Joon-ho.

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