“Non-women's business”: Professions that remain forbidden for women are named

“Non-women's business”: Professions that remain forbidden for women are named

In the era of feminism in the Russian Federation, there is still a list of professions, to which women are prohibited. Experts even named a number of specialties in which women are still strictly prohibited from entering. And according to the lawyer Yuri Kapshtyk, the list of professions prohibited for women at the moment includes over 450 names.

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Thus, women are not allowed into metallurgy, forbidding them to work as turners, welders, engravers and smelters. They also cannot work with lead in hundreds of other professions related to this industry. The thing is that in this case we are talking about dangerous and harmful production, which not every man can withstand because of the enormous physical exertion. All this, experts say, can seriously undermine women's health.

There are a number of professions prohibited for women in the construction sector, despite the fact that Russian women have been employed in this industry for a long time. So, ladies will never be hired to work as builders, excavators, assemblers, machinists, fitters, etc. However, in recent years, women have often appealed and circumvented this ban, calling it infringing on their rights.

The ladies also do not have access to exploration and drilling works, since work in this area is most often carried out in extreme natural conditions. The situation is similar in the chemical industry, where access to work with harmful reagents and chemicals is blocked for women. For example, ladies cannot be employed in the production of mercury and phosgene, crushing of carbide, the release of chlorine, phosphorus and other substances.

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