Nokian Tires, Michelin and Whirlpool go from Russia

Nokian Tires, Michelin and Whirlpool go from Russia

Nokian Tires, Michelin and Whirlpool go from Russia p>

Finnish manufacturer of tires Nokian Tires to deprive the Russian market by invading Ukraine that sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation. The company has been told that the exit from Russia will be “controlled” by increasing the intensity of its factories near the USA and Finland.

Russian business is the largest asset of Nokian Tires. As of 31 January, the number of assets in Russia and Belarus was 400 million euros. In Russia, the support of Nokian Tires has over 1.6 thousand. Spіvrobіtnikіv.

On the 28th of the month, the French tire manufacturer Michelin announced that he plans to transfer his Russian business to the local top management. The Russian representative office of Michelin after the transfer of the child as an independent structure. Don't mind the details.

Michelin's decision to drink from Russia was praised because of the impossibility of to improve through supply problems and in the minds of "famous insignificance". 

Going from the edge- the aggressor and the largest American brewer of by-button technology Whirlpool Corporation, which has such brandy as Hotpoint and Indesit. The company will sell its Russian assets to the Turkish Arcelik. Please, please – over 200 million euros.

At the beginning of the war about the employment of work in Russia, or the latest withdrawal from the aggressor country, more than 1000 foreign companies were voted, and the Polish School of Management was kicked.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga