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No more jewelry stores for a compulsive thief

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A judge has banned Ginette Roux from go to jewelry stores, for the next five years.

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A thief who stole several gold jewelry from jewelry stores in Quebec and Lévis is sentenced to two years less a day, to be served in the community.

In addition to her house arrest, Ginette Roux was banned from going to any jewelry store for the next five years.

The repeat offender has already been sentenced to several periods of imprisonment during her career, said the prosecutor, Me Maxime Dion.

If this time she avoids ending up behind bars, it is because of an evaluation to which the 63-year-old woman ;is submitted.

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Ginette Roux

Ginette Roux who is from Wendat origin had a very difficult childhood, a Gladue report, aimed at determining the right sentence for indigenous people, has revealed.Based on the conclusions of the report, Me Dion therefore agreed with the thief's lawyer to suggest to the judge that he grant her a home sentence.

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She must understand that she is at a crossroads, said the prosecutor.

C& #x27;she is the one who has the keys to detention, illustrated Me Dion, reminding Ginette Roux that she will go to prison if she does not respect the conditions of her imprisonment in the community.

Ginette Roux committed her biggest theft at La Baie des Galeries de la Capitale, in November 2022.

She managed, probably with a master key, to open a glass counter containing jewelry.

She then got her hands on earrings worth almost $9,000.

At that time, the thief was not even supposed to appear at the Galeries de la Capitale, after having signed a promise to appear in court prohibiting her from being in this shopping center.

In the previous months, Roux had also stolen gold chains from two branches of the Jad'Or jewelry store, in Lévis, and the WR Savard jewelry store in Quebec.

The total value of the thefts is between $10,000 and $15,000.

The judge accepted the sentence suggested by the prosecution and defense attorneys.

For the first 12 months of her sentence, she will have to be there 24 hours a day. Residents of the Vanier neighborhood will however be able to go out to work, go to church and do the grocery shopping. During the last 12 months, she will have to respect a curfew.

Subsequently, she will have to respect a three-year probation, during which she will not be able to go to jewelry stores.

Ginette Roux who was defended by Me Yves Savard will also have to carry out 150 hours of community service.

Judge Charles-Olivier Gosselin reminded the woman that the elastic can be break easily. He urged her not to miss the chance to serve her sentence in the community.

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