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No country has this: what Sea Baby is capable of equipped with “Grads”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

No country has this: what can Sea Baby equipped with

SBU Sea Baby sea drones, for which Ukrainians raised funds through the UNITED24 platform, were equipped with Grad volley fire systems. Unmanned aerial vehicles in a modified form struck the Russian positions on the Kinburn spit on the night of May 21.

Military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Chernyk, in a conversation with Channel 24, shared what the modernized Sea Baby is capable of. According to him, equipment of drones with “Hrads” – this is a breakthrough phenomenon in the modern military philosophy of introducing combat.

What are the advantages

Grad volley fire system – quite old installation, developed back in 1950 – 1960s. Launch container – pipe, electric drive with ignition of the rocket itself. This will allow the Defense Force to strike from the sea, such as at Kinbourn Spit.

Sea Baby drones are extremely difficult to capture, especially when they move and strike. Such agility will make it possible to better hit Russian ships. Since the Grads have a strike radius of more than 16 kilometers.

One volley of six 9М218 cluster munitions, which contains 270 sub-elements, will cause a serious commotion on the deck when it scatters over the ship.

This reduces the drag coefficient of the personnel and the very next unmanned system delivers the final blow. This invention will be able to increase the level of potential capabilities of destroying the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

In terms of modernization and use of old Soviet weapons and their integration with the latest systems, we have achieved a very great result. These are breakthrough things that even the leading armies of the world do not have. This is also a huge promising potential after the end of the war, because our military-industrial complex can become one of the most advanced on planet Earth,
– stated Petro Chernyk.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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