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The private sector will play an increased role, but without calling into question Hydro-Québec's monopoly, assures the minister.

No questioning of Hydro's monopoly , says Fitzgibbon

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Quebec Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon (Archive photo)

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Companies that self-produce their electricity will be able to sell their surplus to Hydro-Québec or other private consumers, but without using the transmission lines of the public network, warned the Minister of the Economy, of ;Innovation and Energy of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, in interview with Radio-Canada.

His bill, “not finalized” , which will be submitted by March, will encourage, while regulating, the private production of electricity and the sale thereof, in order to meet the strong demand for electricity. decarbonization of transport, the economy, but also for industrial projects.

We must be flexible, explained the minister as part of the program Midi info. Hydro-Québec needs to buy electricity, he recalled, and there are not enough megawatts for all the industries that would like to receive them from the company. ;State.

We must encourage additional production, because we are lacking #x27;energy.

A quote from Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Energy of Quebec

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Wind turbines are already managed privately in Quebec, but they are done as part of calls for tenders with Hydro-Québec, for whom this production is intended.

Hydro-Québec has already planned to purchase surplus electricity from private Resolute Forestry Products dams to meet the needs of the public network this winter. This model is favored by the minister.

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What if a private company wants to sell its surplus to another company nearby, it can build private transmission lines, explained the minister.

We're going to be careful. We can never let a producer use the Hydro-Québec transmission network to resell to other users. That would be insane.

A quote from Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy

We will never touch the distribution and transport monopoly, it is too important for energy security, he added. There is no question of denationalizing Hydro-Québec.

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« He there will be no parallel network” in Quebec, assured the minister.

At present, it is prohibited for a private electricity producer to sell this energy directly to a private buyer, even with a network of private transport. For example, Rio Tinto, with its dams (and possibly wind turbines), cannot sell them to another company.

But the &x27; renewable energy industry and large industrial consumers are pushing in this direction.

Hydro-Québec needs the private sector to supply itself with electricity, recognized Minister Fitzgibbon, and it is possible, according to him, to facilitate this relationship without calling into question the nationalization of electricity and the legacy of René Lévesque, whom he adores.

On January 12, in response to a question from Radio-Canada, the minister's office declared that it was open to contracts for the direct sale of electricity from private to private (Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA) and that these possible changes would require using the Hydro-Québec transmission network.

These PPAs are already authorized or in the process of being authorized in other Canadian provinces as well as in several American states, recalls the Quebec Association of Industrial Electricity Consumers, which is in favor of this model being legalized in Quebec.

Hydro-Québec cannot have a monopoly at the same time of electricity distribution and the right to refuse power to current or potential customers. Alternative solutions must therefore be permitted.

A quote from Jocelyn Allard, president of the Quebec Association of Industrial Electricity Consumers

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