Nizhny Novgorod student tried to sell to teachers via the Internet

In Nizhny Novgorod court of cassation has recognized lawful the decision of the court of first instance awarded the parents of a local student to collect 50 000 rubles in favor of the teacher, the boy. The teenager, as it turned out, tried to “sell” his teacher on Craigslist under “Pets”.

Нижегородский школьник попытался продать учителя через интернет

In the case file it is noted that the pupil of one of Nizhny Novgorod schools have placed on one of the specialized resources the announcement of the “sale” of his high school teacher. Moreover, this original lot was identified by the teenager in a category called “animals”, moreover, next, lot was sent to the section entitled “rodents”. Your ad the young attacker was accompanied by relevant pictures of the victim with descriptions of abusive. Find this ad in the network, the teacher decided to defend their dignity and reputation, and therefore appealed to the court with a lawsuit against the parents of the author of the ad.

In court the Complainant said that her “profile” from the announcement was also published in one of the communities of large social networks, asking them to remove the content. City court of Sarov took the position of the plaintiff and decided to charge the parents enterprising student 50 000 rubles compensation.

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