Nikolai Malyshev: “Coronavirus will stay with people forever”

Nikolai Malyshev: “Coronavirus will stay with people forever”

Nikolai Malyshev spoke about how the epidemiological situation in Russia and the world will develop. The doctor believes that the coronavirus will remain with people forever, but the disease will become less dangerous.

Nikolai Malyshev:

At the moment, an anti-record for the incidence of COVID-19 has been recorded in Russia. For the second day in Moscow, special measures have been in place for schoolchildren, the elderly and those with chronic diseases. An infectious disease specialist does not exclude an even greater increase in the number of infected people in the near future. In the summer, many have forgotten about precautions and stopped wearing masks, but now those who do not use them are condemned. Citizens who show symptoms of colds are also highly suspicious. Many are alarmed by what is happening, but Nikolai Malyshev is convinced that it is necessary to prepare for more serious consequences. It is possible that the coronavirus will stay with people forever. They will get used to it, it will become less dangerous, but it will always be present, being a seasonal disease. Swine flu developed similarly in 2009. His second wave turned out to be heavier than the first, and now the disease constantly affects people in small numbers.

The expert also spoke about the figures given by the official statistics. He states that these data do not correspond to reality, since health care takes into account only cases confirmed by tests, while a considerable number of people carry COVID-19 asymptomatically or in a mild form, and therefore do not go to the doctor.

Nevertheless, Nikolai Malyshev sees a plus in this. In this case, the number of people with antibodies significantly exceeds the official forecasts. The more patients are cured, the fewer infections there will be in the future.

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