Nicole Kidman broke her leg while Jogging

Николь Кидман сломала ногу во время пробежки

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Getty Images

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman for a few weeks wears a special brace on his leg. Her husband Keith urban said that the star received a fracture during sports.

While Jogging she noticed on the road a pothole and tripped. As a result, the actress had sprained his ankle and got a small fracture. Now she goes to a special medical Shoe and lead a less active lifestyle.

About five weeks ago she was running around the neighborhood as it usually did, and just didn’t see a pothole, rolled my ankle and got a small fracture,” — said the musician in comments to USA Today, noting that now their house was not dancing.

Actress husband Keith urban admitted that he experienced a fracture Nicole is heavier than the star patient.

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