Nicolás Petro asked Catherine Juvinao to respect the Historical Pact: “citizen support was won hard”

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President Gustavo Petro's eldest son joined the discussion sparked by the statements of the Green Alliance representative about an alleged payment of favors to the registrar Alexander Vega

Nicolas Petro asked Catherine Juvinao to respect to the Historical Pact: “citizen support was won hard”

Petro's son also said that the statements by representative Juvinao are misguided and that “they ignore the tireless work of the grassroots and the desire for change.” Photo: Nicolás Petro Burgos, Twitter.

After the political storm caused by the statements by the representative to the Chamber of the Green Alliance Catherine Juvinao, in which she asked if the urgent message made by the national government on the reform of the Electoral Code -and which was withdrawn in the afternoon on November 24–, it was to pay a favor to the registrar Alexander Vega, one of the sons of President Gustavo Petro joined the discussion asking for respect for the militants and supporters of the Historical Pact.

It was through Twitter that Nicolás Petro, deputy from Atlántico and eldest son of the Colombian president, asked the representative of the Alianza Verde, party of the government bench, to respect the Historical Pact, assuring that his father's arrival at the Casa de Nariño was “earned with pulse, house to house.”

“Cathy Juvinao's statements are disrespectful to all the actors of the Historical Pact. Citizen support at the polls was won hard, house to house. With her unwise comments, she ignores the tireless work of the grassroots and the desire for change, ”wrote the eldest son of President Petro.

It is worth remembering that the questions raised by representative Juvinao occurred during the debate that took place in the First Committee of the House of Representatives in which the reform of the Electoral Code was discussed, and for which the national government had filed a message of urgency that aroused suspicion in some congressmen and in Juvinao, who compared the current procedure with the one experienced in 2020 when the last reform to the same code was approved.

“Is the national government sending an urgent message to Alex Vega to repay the favor? It is the information that is there. So again, Alex Vega is not to be paid any favors, any favors. I, from the Green bench, am not going to lend myself so that they stuff us, excuse the term, the Electoral Code in three weeks. It is a lack of respect and this Congress cannot accept it, “said the representative in her presentation in the First Committee of the House.

The discussion, about the congresswoman's statements that caused annoyance in the First Committee of the House of Representatives, moved to Twitter, when Senator Gustavo Bolívar asked representative Juvinao to present evidence about her statements, otherwise she would be will retract.

“We only proved that 4 seats were going to be stolen from us and we recovered them. If you do not present evidence, we demand that you retract that slander that matches the right or lose all respect,” Bolívar wrote, adding that “hundreds of lawyers, thousands of witnesses took a month in the counts to recover our votes. As my colleague Luz Munera says, it is audacity and baseness to even insinuate that we stole a single vote.”

Representative Juvinao, in her response, demanded that Senator Bolívar not threaten her and answer the question. In addition, he reminded him of the support he gave to the Vega Electoral Code in 2020, despite the fact that it ended up being declared unconstitutional by the Court.

“Senator Gustavo Bolívar: do not threaten me I asked them a question. And you do not learn from your mistakes: in 2020 you were fooled by Vega, you defended it and you already saw how that code went wrong. Now do you support him again? Take a good look at who is losing respect here.”

Reform of the electoral code will no longer go with an urgent message

In the afternoon of Thursday, November 24, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, announced that, after the controversy caused by the reform of the Electoral Code and the urgent message that had been attached to it, it had been withdrawn, due to so the process can be carried out the next year with complete peace of mind and without the pressure of the regional elections that will be held at the end of October 2023.

“The arguments seem reasonable to us, first, from the Historical Pact itself, from the Chamber bench; second, that we believe that it is well worth listening to society because in the public hearings and in general, through the media, observations have been presented”, noted the minister during a press conference.

< p class="paragraph">In view of this announcement, representative Juvinao thanked the decision and said that she received the news calmly and insisted that the three weeks remaining before the end of this regular session are insufficient to properly discuss it.

“I celebrate and will always celebrate that this government is willing to listen, above all, to the congressmen who have accompanied this project of change and who have no other objective than that transformation that we have promised the country goes well. I also thank Minister Prada for his disposition and we will be here doing our job from the Congress.”