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hs Jh Nicolas Cage and other famous marriage fans - The Times Hub

Nicolas Cage and other famous marriage fans

Nicolas Cage and other famous marriage fans

The last has been Nicolas Cage who this week announced that he has married for the fifth time but there are many celebrities who like to seal their relationships by going through the altar or the civil registry. We review some of the most mediatic weddings on the social scene that are already part of history.

Nicolas Cage

If there was an addiction to weddings, Nicolas Cage should consider treating his problem. Last February the actor secretly remarried in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, a young unknown Japanese woman 31 years his junior and with whom he had been dating for just over a year. After six months without seeing each other due to the pandemic, the Leaving Las Vegas interpreter proposed to Riko Shibata by video call and sent her the engagement ring through a parcel company. This is the actor's fifth marriage, the last one barely lasting four days although it took three months to obtain a divorce. It was also in Las Vegas, with the make-up artist Erika Koike, with whom he starred in a strong scandal when the same day they were married they fought loudly in the marriage license office. Nicolas Cage has also been with actress Patricia Arquette (1995-2001); with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley (August 2002 – September 2002): and with Alice Kim (2004-2016)

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch actress, now 53, is also a huge fan of marriages and last Christmas she married her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst , whom she fell in love with during the pandemic and who has become her fifth husband. The first time Pamela Anderson went down the aisle, she did so at the age of 28, at the peak of her career, with the musician Tommy Lee, with whom she shared two children: Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22. Then they met. she married and divorced fellow musician Kid Rock in 2006. A year later, the actress did the same with another musician, music producer Rick Salomon, whom she married twice, first in 2007 and again in 2013. And it does Less than a year she did it with producer Jon Peters, from whom she separated 12 days later, without actually formalizing the marriage.

Larry King

Larry King was married no less than eight times and with seven different women. With them he had five different children , of whom only three survived, before the presenter's death last January at the age of 87 . King's first great love was a girlfriend from his teens, Freda Miller, whom he was married to when he was just 19 years old, between 1952 and 1953. His parents disagreed with the link because they saw them too young and legally annulled it. Their first legal marriage came a decade later, in 1961, and lasted only that year. It was with Annette Kaye. That same year, after his divorce, he married a Playboy girl named Alene Akins. The marriage lasted until 1963. Then Mickey Sutphin arrived, between 1964 and 1967. It was then that he decided to return to Akins, whom he remarried in 1968. When he separated from Akins in 1971, King was single for several years, but in 1976 He remarried, for the sixth time. This time it was with a production assistant named Sharon Lepore, with whom he was married until 1981. The seventh wedding to the sixth woman was with Julie Alexander in 1989 in Washington. They would separate in 1990 and the divorce would come two years later. In September 1997 came the eighth wedding, with actress Shawn Southwick. He was then 64 years old and she was 38. That marriage lasted 22 years, until they announced their separation due to “irreconcilable differences” in the summer of 2019.

Isabel Preysler

Isabel Preysler has only been without a partner for a few months since she turned 19 years old, the time that has elapsed since the death of her third husband, Miguel Boyer, and Mario Vargas Llosa reappeared in her life. At the age of 19, she married Julio Iglesias, pregnant with her first daughter, in Illescas (Toledo) and before 1,500 guests. Her marriage lasted from 1971 to 1979 with three children and a year later, in 1980, she married Carlos Falcó, Marquis of Griñón. He was with Tamara Falcó's father until 1985, when the Minister of Economy, Miguel Boyer, came into his life. With him he maintained his longest relationship, 27 years and a daughter in common, Ana. They married in 1987 and their marriage ended in 2014, with the death of Boyer. A year later, she began her relationship with the Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa , with whom she continues today.

Carlos Falcó, Marquis of Griñón

In 2017 and at the age of 80, Carlos Falcó married Esther Doña , 40 years younger. It was the fourth marriage for the Marquis de Griñón. His first wife was Jeanine Girod, with whom he had two children, Sandra and Manolo. Girod left him for former Real Madrid president Ramón Mendoza. Then it was Isabel Preysler who came into his life and from their union Tamara was born . Presyler also left him when Miguel Boyer appeared . Griñón believed that Fatima de la Cierva was going to be the ultimate woman. They were married for 20 years, but she also hit the marquis with the door. They had two children, Duarte and Aldara.

The Duchess of Alba

The Duchess of Alba was married three times . From 1947 and until his death in 1972 with Luis Martínez de Irujo y Artázcoz; between 1978 and 2001, with the academic Jesús Aguirre; and, the last and most controversial, with Alfonso Díez Carabantes between 2011 and 2014.

Sara Montiel

The Spanish actress and singer had four marriages : with the American actor and director Anthony Mann (1957-1963), the lawyer José Vicente Ramírez (1964 -1978), the journalist José Tous (1919 until his death in 1992) and Antonio Hernández (2000 – 2005) .

Carmen Cervera

Carmen Cervera became a widow in 2002 after the death of her husband Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza, with the one she had been married to since 1985. Before, Baroness Thyssen went down the aisle on two other occasions with actors Lex Barker and Espartaco Santoni.

Kate Winslet

Actress Kate Winslet has been married up to three times. In 1998 and until 2001 with the film director Jim Threapleton, between 2003 and 2011 with the also filmmaker Sam Mendes and, since 2012, she is married to Ned Rocknroll, nephew of the magnate Richard Branson.

Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise has been married to three colleagues by profession: Mimi Rogers, between 1987 and 1990; Nicole Kidman , from 1990 to 2001; and, from 2006 to 2012, with Katie Holmes .

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has already passed through the altar three times and is expected to do so a fourth, since the pandemic has prevented the singer from celebrating her wedding with her current partner, baseball player Alex Rodriguez . Before him, she has already been married to Cuban actor Ojani Noa, fellow actor Cris Judd and singer Marc Anthony.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony married former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in 2000 and three years and two children later they decided to separate. Then Jennifer Lopez came into his life, his longest relationship to date . They married in 2004, had twins Max and Emme and separated in 2011. Three years later, in 2014, the Puerto Rican singer married the Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima in a ceremony that took place in the resort that the artist has. in the Dominican Republic. In 2016 they announced their separation.

Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore has gone down the aisle three times : first in 1994 with film producer Jeremy Thomas, with whom she lasted a year; later, in 2001 and during the same period of time, with the writer and comedian Tom Green; and finally in 2012 with actor Will Kopelman, whom she divorced in 2016.

Elizabeth Taylor

If marriages were the subject of collectors, the real winner would be Elizabeth Taylor , who went down the aisle eight times with seven husbands, Since with Richard Burton, who is considered her great love , she married twice. The artist met the British actor in 1962 during the filming of Cleopatra . Two years later they married and in 1974 they divorced. In 1975 they remarried and a few years later they separated for the last time. Her first marriage was to the heir to the hotel empire Conrad Hilton Jr., whom she divorced in 1951. He was followed by: actor Michael Wilding (1952-1957), producer Mike Todd (1957 until his death in 1958 ), the singer and actor Eddie Fisher (1959-1964), the actor Richard Burton, the lawyer John Warner (1976-1982) and the bricklayer Larry Fortensky (1991-1996) .

Martin Scorsese

The successful director has been married until in five times. Martin Scorsese's first wife was Laraine Brennan (1955-1971), then he married artist Julia Cameron (1976-1977), actress Isabella Rossellini (1979-1982), film producer Barbara De Fina (1985-1991 ) and with fellow television producer Helen Morris (1999 to present)

Liza Minnelli

American actress Liza Minnelli has been married four times. Her first marriage was to Peter Allen in 1967; the second with Jack Haley Jr. in 1974; the third with Mark Gero in 1979 and the fourth with David Gest, in 2002. At 74, Liza has assured that she has no intention of remarrying.

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