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Niagara Rainbow Bridge Falls reopens to traffic

The Rainbow Border Bridge in Niagara Falls remains closed Thursday, the day after a vehicle explosion caused two deaths.


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The Canadian-American border crossing at the Rainbow Bridge has been reopened to traffic since 6:30 p.m. Thursday, announced the &x27; Canada Border Services Agency. The bridge had been closed due to a still unexplained explosion which left two people dead.

The investigation by American authorities into the explosion of a vehicle on the bridge around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday has not revealed light no sign of terrorism yet.

According to authorities, the vehicle crossed an intersection, struck a median and was thrown into the air before hitting a line of cabins and exploding on the deck. The victims have not yet been identified.

Snow plows, in particular, have since been moved to the site to block access to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Snowplows moved to the scene to block access to the Rainbow Bridge, still closed Thursday morning.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati told CBC he was relieved to learn of preliminary information that it was the case. a terrorist act involving a vehicle coming from Canada, were false.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions as we received information which were not always true.

A quote from Jim Diodati, Mayor of Niagara Falls, Ontario

He added that residents of border towns like his often have family and friends on both sides of the border.

Following Wednesday's explosion, the FBI opened an investigation, but the police department indicated Wednesday evening on the X network (formerly Twitter ) that he had completed his investigation on site.

No explosives n& #x27;was found on their premises and no terrorist core was identified.

A quote from FBI Buffalo (message on the X network)

The case was transferred to the Niagara Falls Police Department as a traffic investigation, the FBI added on Network X Wednesday evening .

The Rainbow Bridge border checkpoint.

According to Niagara Regional Police In Canada, the explosion occurred on the American side of the Rainbow Bridge. This police service added that there was no threat from the Canadian side of the border.

John Faso, chief of the Niagara Falls Police Service in the United States, told CBC Thursday morning that the identification of the victims was still not complete.

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The Rainbow Bridge border crossing between Canada and the United States is closed until further notice. (File photo)

He described the investigation as complex. It's going to take a while, he said, not knowing when the Rainbow Bridge will be reopened.

Governor Hochul said Wednesday that the vehicle that exploded was nothing more or less incinerated, according to a video of the events. She also said that a person from New York State was one of the victims of the accident, without giving details.

Three additional border bridges between the Niagara region and Western New York that were closed Wednesday were able to reopen later in the day.

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