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Match of the stars an NHL: a good deal for Toronto

The young fans were able to meet the best players in the NHL, including Connor McDavid, during 'a red carpet Thursday.


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The arrival of the best players in the National Hockey League (NHL) in Toronto for the All-Star Game will not only delight fans: the event will also have positive economic benefits, according to experts.

The colors of the event have been installed in the city center for a few weeks and on Thursday, the Metro Toronto Convention Center welcomed its first supporters for the All-Star Game Fair.

The All-Star Game will have a phenomenal impact on Toronto, says Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) professor Laurel Walzak, who worked for seven and a half years in the NHL offices as director of sales and marketing.

The local tourism agency, Destination Toronto, estimates the economic impact of the All-Star Game on the City of Toronto at $54 million. This new money will go to a host of companies, explains agency spokesperson Kathy Motton.

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All-Star game jerseys are on sale at the Scotiabank Arena.

It's not just the league and MLSE that benefit: it's also the hotels, the restaurants, the community. It’s also something the city needs: feelings of lightness and escape and entertainment, summarizes Professor Walzak.

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This is the first All-Star Game in Toronto since 2000. NHL Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer says the league has rarely hosted so many events during an All-Star Game .

About 7,000 visitors came to Florida for the final All-Star Game, Commissioner Gary Bettman said last year. It's not huge, says Frédéric Dimanche, director of the school of tourism at Toronto Metropolitan University, but it's 7,000 to 8,000 visitors who contribute to the local economy, who bring a new economy.

The All-Star Game is a showcase for the NHL, explains Laurel Walzak. It remains important to the NHL, even though it takes place in a hockey-crazed market, she said, because it helps reach what the league calls displaced fans.

Toronto hosts the NHL All-Star Game. BROADCAST HERE FIRST. In the mosaic.

Toronto hosts NHL All-Star Game


Listen to the audio (Toronto hosts the NHL All-Star Game. 5 minutes)

These supporters, who came from all over Ontario, were numerous at the fans' fair on Thursday, one of the first events of the end of week.

Cassie Deppner, a Montreal Canadiens fan, came from Wasaga Beach with her boyfriend and his family for the first day of festivities. I can't wait to see the [LPHF] players in the 3-on-3 match, she said.

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The best players in the Professional Women's Hockey League take part in a 3-on-3 match Thursday evening .

Sisters Tiffany and Jenna Tilson, wearing Boston Bruins and Vegas Golden Knights jerseys respectively, took the commuter train from x27;Oakville to come see the players' game.

It's good to see women's hockey highlighted, says Tiffany Tilson.< /p>

The event will also allow the league to attract new young fans by inviting Canadian artist Tate McRae for a musical performance during Saturday's game, said Laurel Walzak.

We see that the audience for sports leagues, with the exception of the NBA, has aged. The Tate McRae show is a way of reaching out to new young fans that they don’t usually reach, explains the professor.

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Canadian artist Tate McRae will make a show during Saturday's All-Star Game.

The visibility offered by the All-Star Game also provides a tremendous opportunity for the NHL to rebuild its image tarnished by the recent scandals involving sexual assault allegations concerning Hockey Canada, thinks Professor Walzak.

They have a huge responsibility and I hope they use this opportunity authentically and confidently with their audience.

A quote from Laurel Walzak, professor at Toronto Metropolitan University

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Similarly, Laurel Walzak's colleague at TMU, Frédéric Dimanche, thinks that Toronto must take advantage of the visibility offered by the event.

The local tourism agency, Destination Toronto, must make sure to show that the Queen City is ready to welcome many visitors, he notes.

The slogan that Destination Toronto should send to its members? Hold mini-events to welcome visitors, be sure to have enough staff and make sure that the quality is there because the reputation of the city is at stake, says Professor Dimanche.

The impact of the all-star game in Toronto will be felt in the short and long term, confirms the spokesperson for the tourist agency, Kathy Motton. In the short term, spending by hockey fans will help local businesses; In the long term, the event will enhance the reputation of the Queen City.

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