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Newcomer training program boasts 80% success rate %

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Obse Rikitu, who completed the training, got a job in a hotel in downtown Edmonton.

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Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative (MHBC) has been offering a hospitality and restaurant training program to newcomers for eight years.

In addition to English classes, students also have the opportunity to learn about their profession by working in Edmonton hotels.

Obse Rikitu, a newcomer, taught chemistry in Ethiopia until arriving in Canada.

Five months ago, she made a major career change thanks to MHBC's training program. She now works in a large hotel in the Alberta capital.

I am in love with my work. I'm excited every day to see my days unfold, says the 29-year-old who wants to one day open her hotel.

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J “I would like to thank MHBC, because they gave me a chance and they taught me in a very short time how to understand the Canadian system,” she adds.

In partnership with leading hotels, students receive hands-on training in areas such as food safety, housekeeping and banquet service, before completing a four-week internship. This training also includes understanding the work culture in Canada.

When people settle in Canada and discover a new culture, they face many issues related to their establishment, says Judy Sillito, program manager at the organization, adding that the work culture can be intimidating.

She says the program she helped set up has trained more than 180 students, the majority of whom found jobs in hotels, but also restaurants or residences for the elderly. Some of them have even moved up the ranks.

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