New Zealander runs a marathon dressed as a beer can

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New Zealander ran marathon dressed as a beer can

Photo: 1News

In New Zealand, one of marathon participants overcame the distance wearing a giant beer can suit. The 1News portal reports this.

The sports competition took place on September 11, 2022 in the city of Dunedin, Otago region. Ultramarathon runner Glenn Sutton showed up to the event in a homemade beer can suit. Later, the New Zealander explained that with such an extravagant appearance he wanted to cheer people up and support the sports industry after several difficult years for it.

The athlete said that during the race he was literally blown away by the wind, and he fell. However, the man still managed to get up and get to finish.

"I was not hurt, but the jar needs a little repair", — Sutton shared.

According to a source, in May, 2021, a man ran 600 km non-stop in four days to raise money for charity.

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