New York to expand reproductive health coverage

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It is through the sexual health clinics controlled by the city itself

New York to expand reproductive health coverage


Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States

New York to expand reproductive health coverage

Don't know will ask for proof of residency or immigration status for the delivery of these medications (REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein)

In the midst of the great national debate about abortion that has been revived since the Supreme Court of Justice annulled the ruling Roe v. Wade, New York City made the decision to support abortion access by providing free abortion.

The city already offered this type of pills, which are popularly known by the name of the drug Misoprostol, in the 11 public hospitals of the city. But through a new program approved this week, the pills will also be delivered free to public sexual health clinics, mostly located in the Bronx.

Mayor Eric Adams announced the new program in a press conference from the offices of the municipality, where he said that “no other city in the nation or in the world” is providing abortion medication through its public health service.

Four Bronx clinics are participating in the program, but it has already been announced that in the coming months the service will be extended to clinics in Queens, Harlem and Brooklyn.

Months ago the city approved a $1.2 million package for sexual health services, managed by the municipal health department. According to Ashwin Vasan, the commissioner of the city's department of health and mental hygiene, through this program they will be able to deliver 10,000 medications of this type a year only in the clinics, in addition to those that are already being delivered in the hospitals.

New York to expand reproductive health coverage

New York City Mayor Eric Adams supports free access to abortion (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

The city has not placed any restrictions on who can receive abortion medications,will not even attempt to verify that you are a New York City resident. The city currently provides abortions to anyone who requests them, without verifying immigration status or address.

Last August, Mayor Adams signed a package of six laws into law by the city council, which was renamed the New York City Abortion Law.It was through these six pieces of legislation that it was legal for the city to approve the free delivery of these medications.

Last November, the city launched a system whereby it anonymously connects to women with clinics offering abortion procedures anonymously. The system is available to women anywhere in the country, including those who live in areas where the procedure has been severely limited. This tool also helps women get financial support if they have to travel.

Earlier this month, the National Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in Spanish) in English) allowed the sale in pharmacies of mifepristone to those who have a doctor's order. Mifepristone can be used together with misoprostol to end a pregnancy. Now the process is simpler than before the pandemic where more steps were required to access this type of medication.

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