New York charges 'Hotel California' lyrics thieves

New York charges 'Hotel California' lyrics thieves

Hotel California lyrics thieves charged in New York

The Eagles live in London in 1998 (file photo).   Hotel California lyrics thieves charged in New York CityThree men have been charged criminally by the Manhattan District Attorney's office with possession of a nearly 100-page manuscript stolen from singer Don Henley, which included the lyrics to the 1976 hit “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

Glenn Horowitz, Craig Inciardi and Edward Kosinski were charged Tuesday with attempting to sell over $1 million worth of materials and providing false information about the source of documents to auction houses, potential buyers and law enforcement.

County Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg said the stolen documents also contained lyrics to Life in the Fast Lane and New Kid In Town.

Horowitz, 66, Inciardi, 58, and Kosinski, 59, pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and illegal possession of stolen material, while Horowitz also pleaded not guilty to obstruction of prosecution.

Prosecutions suspect the biographer The Eagles stole the material back in the late 1970s and then sold it to Horowitz in 2005, who sells rare books.

Horowitz then, according to investigators, sold the materials to Inciardi and Kosinski, who, in turn, wanted to sell them at Christie's and Sotheby's auctions or force Don Henley to buy back the manuscript.

The indictment contains dozens of emails , from which it can be concluded that the defendants have been implementing this scheme for 7.5 years. The emails suggest that Horowitz make it look like Eagles vocalist Glenn Frey gave him stolen lyrics.

Frey “is dead and crediting him as the source will get rid of this once and for all,” Horowitz wrote in February 2017, 13 months after Frey's death.

In a statement, Eagles manager Irving Azoff said that no one has the right to profit from “stealing… the history of music.”

Hotel California's lyrics are full of symbolism and won a 1977 Grammy and song of the year.

In 2014, Bob Dylan's handwritten lyrics to Like a Rolling Stone were sold at Sotheby's for record-breaking 2 million dollars.