New thriller from Olivier Norek: the “green” war is upon us

New thriller from Olivier Norek: the “green” war is upon us

Worker in humanitarian missions, then captain of the judicial police for 18 years, the French writer Olivier Norek has investigated a cause that thrills for his new thriller: the survival of humanity. Seriously documented, this freezing thriller, very disturbing, carried out at full speed, stages the kidnapping of a CEO by an environmentalist vigilante. The “green” war is upon us, and Olivier Norek is sounding the alarm.

With Virgil Solal and the other characters fromImpact, Olivier Norek gives us a foretaste of what lies in store for us if we do not act.

Virgil Solal is traumatized by the death of his stillborn daughter due to pollution. He goes to war, solo, against giants in this thriller in which many disturbing elements slip on the effects of pollution and climate change.

What gives shivers down the spine is that the kidnapping of a CEO is taking place against a backdrop of environmental disasters. The author has documented himself – we can say that he has experience in investigating – and the events he refers to during the plot are enough to make the hair stand on end.

What awaits us

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