New sanctions against Huawei can deprive the work of 100 thousand Americans

In connection with the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Huawei, the U.S. government can deny jobs 100 million Americans. On this occasion, expressed the representative of the North American division of the Chinese brand Andy Purdy, reports Bloomberg.

Новые санкции против Huawei могут лишить работы 100 тысяч американцев

After the tightening of restrictive measures, the US is actually banned to manufacture processors Kirin on the equipment involving us technology. Purdy pointed out that Huawei will not be easy, and some time you need to spend on adapting to the new conditions. At the same time, the Americans may have problems with employment, because the company in their enterprises provides a large number of seats. My job is on the risk of the order of 40-50 thousand people, including among those who collaborate with the brand. With Huawei established links at nearly 300 firms from the United States, and the losses can be relatively small and much more significant, involving staff reduction.

A number of American companies have already expressed their concerns about the fact that sanctions against Huawei cause serious damage to the development of the semiconductor industry in the country. If the restrictions will continue for a period of 3 to 5 years, the income of some firms could fall by 16%. The amount of work risk losing up to 100 thousand US citizens.

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