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New rules for using smartphones during blackouts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

New rules for using smartphones under the time of blackouts

The return of electricity blackout schedules force to change the rules of life, including the use of mobile phones.

Yes, many owners of smartphones could already notice that under when the power goes out, mobile communication works for several hours, and access to the Internet works with the 4G mark, then only 3G and 2G EDGE Internet.

This, as NKEK explains, is connected with a significant load on the network and an increase in the number of users. As a result – the period of autonomous operation on backup power cells decreases and the quality of the 4G standard mobile Internet service decreases.

So all users are asked to use SMS and messenger services, which consume less resources than mobile Internet.

In addition, owners of smartphones and other gadgets are asked not to abuse data transmission.

"It is better not to transmit photos, videos, voice messages, limit yourself to the basic functionality", – calls in NKEK.

If the connection has completely disappeared, you can use the national roaming service on the networks of Vodafone Ukraine operators Kyivstar Lifecell and 3mob.

To do this, it is necessary to disable automatic network selection, find and select an available network, check the possibility of an outgoing call, SMS. Tariffs will remain in accordance with the tariff plan of the operator whose services the subscriber uses constantly.

We note that Kyivstar company also informed about the restrictions that subscribers must resort to during power outages.

In particular, subscribers are asked not to make video calls, not to download "heavy" files and refuse to watch the movie via the mobile Internet.

"We urge you to use communication services judiciously during blackouts and protect the network," Kyivstar urged.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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