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De new restaurateurs denounce last minute cancellations

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357 customers withdrew within a period of less than 48 hours at the Draveur restaurant in Roberval, during the month of December.


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Nearly 360 customers canceled their reservation at the last minute at Le Draveur restaurant in Roberval in December. The owner of the establishment estimates he lost $18,000 due to these cancellations. He now wants to raise awareness among the population and would also like to be able to impose the payment of a penalty.

This morning [Saturday], I had cancellations again for this evening, assured the owner of Draveur, Nick Gingras. And then I said: that’s enough. I just want to come out publicly to denounce the situation right now.

We've never seen that actually. And that’s why we’re talking about it.

He published a heartfelt cry on Facebook on Saturday morning. I cut employees, then it hurts the wallet for the owners as well, added Mr. Gingras. I mean, it's a turnover that I'm not going to recover, I don't have insurance for that. […] We try to do the best we can to survive since the pandemic and they asked us to reinvent ourselves.

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At the Lion Bleu microbrewery, in Alma, the situation is the same.

We had a lot of them in the month of December, groups who often reserve for businesses. They make a reservation of 40 because they have 40 employees, co-owner David Otis said. And then, the same day or sometimes just 24 hours in advance, we are told that, ultimately, there will be 17 or 15 of them, or that they will not be there at all.

Faced with the increase in cancellations, restaurateurs would like to be able to impose penalties on customers who withdraw at the last minute. We have nothing in place to impose sanctions and I find that unacceptable, said Nick Gingras. There are several restaurateurs who find it unacceptable, not to have a solution for the rest of us. We have some for hotels.

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The owner of Le Draveur restaurant and bar, Nick Gingras, wants to raise awareness of the impact of skyrocketing last-minute reservation cancellations.

The Consumer Protection Act prevents restaurateurs from charging for cancellations. The Association Restauration Québec made representations to the Minister of Justice a few months ago to change the legislation.

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Currently, according to the information we have, it is under study by the Consumer Protection Office which we have met a few times in recent months, assured the vice-president of public affairs. and government of the association, Martin Vézina. However, it cannot be denied that they have been under study for more than eight months. So, we hope quickly for a favorable response to our claim.

This claim, the founder of the HRImag magazine, which addresses people from #x27;restaurant industry, heard it hundreds of times.

If we go back to the last ten years, we will have the same reports for ten years, launched Robert Dion. It's just that now each cancellation is more expensive because the profit margin is much smaller. The impact is much greater.

David Otis and Nick Gingras now want to raise awareness about the impacts of last-minute cancellations.

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The co-owner of the Lion Bleu microbrewery, David Otis, denounces the last minute cancellations.

We work hard and we are all a gang of restaurant enthusiasts, expressed David Otis. Help us make the experience what you expect.

We just want a little awareness, then a strict minimum on time and not to forget us in 2024, to book within a possible deadline, launched Nick Gingras. For the rest of us, a little more than 24 hours would be really cool for 2024.

According to a report by Alexandra Duchaine

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