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New offer from Quebec to the FAE and the FSE | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel.


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In the coming hours, Quebec will make a new offer to the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) and the Federation of Education Unions (FSE-CSQ), the unions which represent all teachers in the province.

According to our information, this is an offer which should put an end to the strike in the education sector. p>

Remember that the 66,000 primary and secondary teachers who are members of the FAE have been on an indefinite general strike since November 23.

The unions will receive it in the next few hours.

The Inter-Union Common Front, which represents 420,000 members, said Monday that it had demonstrated openness to studying various scenarios with François' government Legault, without however having made a counter-proposal.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The bodies of the four union organizations that make up the Common Front, namely the CSQ, the CSN, the APTS and the FTQ, must meet today to determine the next course of action.

Moreover, the Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) considers that it has reached the end of possible discussions with the Legault government.

She calls for the appointment of a conciliator as did the Inter-union Common Front.

After more than 75 negotiating sessions and more than a year at the table, we see that there are still very important differences between us and the government on fundamental issues, declared Julie Bouchard, president of the FIQ on her account: represents 80,000 nurses, practical nurses and other healthcare professionals.

More details to come.

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