New music video after “Happy Holidays”

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She recently started showing her new comedy series “Happy Vacation”, which confirmed that it will bring a lot of happiness to the audience, especially since the scenes of the work were spontaneous, light and comfortable with the stars in front of or behind the camera, and they are a great blessing from our Lord on her, and in her dialogue with the site “Al”. We spoke with the star Liqa’ Al-Khamisi about her quest to present complex roles, and her return to acting after an absence of 3 years in which she was preoccupied with her children and husband.

Tell us about the series “Open Vacation”, which started showing?

“Happy Vacation” is one of the distinguished works that I had the honor to work in, and I consider it the closest to my heart recently. We have prepared for it for a long time as a team, and I attended my character, which I will embody very accurately. The series consists of 40 episodes, and discusses social problems and marital issues in a comic way, and I embody from During it, the role of a strong wife trying to solve her ongoing problems with her husband (Sherif Mounir), whom I had the honor to work with and consider him a great blessing from our Lord for his presence in this work, in addition to a huge work team, whether from a large group of stars behind or in front of the camera, I feel happy to work with them, The filming location is delicious, full of humor and spontaneity, and I also co-star with the great artist Samiha Ayoub, King of Qura, Donia Maher, Murad Makram, Karim Abu Zeid and Hisham Ismail, and it is written by Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zeid and directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Khamisi meeting

And what motivated you to present a comedy series after your participation in “Against Al Kasr”?

I was excited to participate in the series “Open Vacation” because it is a family comedy work, especially after the end of the Ramadan season, where the audience is looking for light work, and the director Mohamed Hamaki is talented and I wanted to work with him because he has different tools. A bank with great ambition and knows how to achieve its goals, and her life is confined between home, family and work.

But don’t you think that a 40-episode work is too long?

I was trying to make up for my absence, for I had been away for 3 years from the field of art and work because I was preoccupied with my children and husband besides the conditions of the Corona pandemic, which prolonged my distance from art, so when I was shown this series, I found it very good and presents me in a new and different way and discusses important social problems for groups Many in a comic form, and I do not find it a risk at all, and series far from the Ramadan season have become required and achieved success in previous years, and this work I had contracted before the presentation of the series (Against Al Kasr), in which I participated as Nadine.

New music video after “Happy Holidays”

Khamisi meeting

Turning to “Nadine” in Against Alkasr, how did you find the reactions to it?

In fact, the entire audience hated me, which made me happy, of course, because I succeeded in convincing the audience of this character, and I received sharp reactions, whether in the street or from my friends in the gym, where they blamed me for the evil inside “Nadine”, in addition to the pioneers of social networking sites who made comics about my role. In the series ironically, as for my friends in the artistic community, I received congratulations and praise from them for the role, especially since I have not participated in Ramadan works for a long time because of my insistence on choosing an important and strong role, which is what I found in the series “Against Al Kasr”.

Was it difficult to prepare? Were you afraid of her when I offered you?

I see her not evil, unlike all viewers, but I cannot deny that she only has a psychological problem, and there is no psychological peace in her, but she reached it with her confession to her friend Salma of her love for her husband. Suddenly he moved away from her, in addition to her strength to deal with his wife without showing any feelings of her love for him.

I was not at all afraid when I was presented with the character, because I love roles and characters that combine both good and evil qualities, because no human being is free from defects or advantages, and Adam’s son, by nature, has an evil side and a good side because we are not angels, but humans make mistakes and try to stay away from sin and our lives are full of good and bad deeds despite About us, which I found in the character of “Nadine”, and I also discovered that the audience loves evil roles very much and is attached to them, and the reason can be that the audience sees that they are victims of these characters in their real life, in addition to that I see that the evil character is difficult, but the good one does not have as much difficulty The villain does not have any details because it is peaceful unless it is a complex character.

This work is the first that brings you together with Nelly Karim.. How did you find cooperation with her?

Indeed, this is the first work that brings me together with the artist Nelly Karim, and she has proven herself in the field of acting over the past years and a nice personality in dealing with the scenes of photography and is calm and works without any interference and cooperation with her was beautiful. Azim, Louay Imran, and Cynthia Khalifa were crazy, and Tara Emad and all the staff were diligent.

You held a concert a while ago and you didn’t do it again, what’s the reason?

Another concert was scheduled, but that required a great effort in training and rehearsals, and I also got busy in the series (Against the Break) and then started filming the series (Open Vacation) after it, and therefore I was not ready for the ceremony recently, and although I do not hold These concerts are for financial reasons. I love communicating with the audience because I grew up in the theater and feel a positive energy in communicating with the audience directly, and I am preparing to shoot a new song in a video clip.

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