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New measures will hurt in the wallets of Albertans in 2024 | Results of the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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Albertons will experience a series of changes in their portfolio in 2024. (File photo)

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An increase in tax on fuel, a tightening of short-term rentals and an increase in automobile insurance costs, all new measures which will apply as of January 1 in Alberta.

Starting that day, Albertans could pay a little more for their gas tank due to the return of provincial sales taxes on gasoline which are calculated based on the quarterly average price of a barrel of gasoline. oil.

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The fuel tax exemption first introduced by the Alberta government in 2022 is set to expire at the end of December. (File photo)

In April 2022, the government stopped collecting the 13 cents per liter gas tax to combat rising prices. This tax was suspended for six months at the start of 2023, a suspension subsequently extended until December.

Reviews for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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Reviews for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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The government is also reforming its automobile insurance plan. Bonuses for drivers with a good record will be indexed to the September 2023 inflation rate of 3.7%.

Premier Danielle Smith's announcement to the legislature in November was criticized by the Alberta New Democratic Party, which said the distinction between motorists with clean driving records and those who don't have it is too narrow. The opposition says this measure could lead to price increases for many people in Alberta.

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According to the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rates Commission, a good driving record means, among other things, that a driver has not been at fault in a car accident in the previous six years. (File photo)

An annual cap of 5% on premium increases was introduced by the NDP government in 2017, before being abandoned by the Conservative government of Jason Kenney two years later.

The freeze on car insurance costs introduced by the United Conservative Party government in January will end on January 1, 2024.

Foreign students will no longer be able to work more than 20 hours per week outside their campuses during their current study sessions. In 2022, the federal government removed this limit, but the pilot project, which affected more than 500,000 students, is due to end this year.

Open in full screen mode< p class="StyledImageCaptionLegend-sc-57496c44-2 sbxsP">The federal Department of Immigration says it is analyzing the impact the pilot project has had on the lives of international students in the country. (Archive photo)

International students and student rights organizations in Canada are increasing calls to Ottawa so that' it makes permanent the suspension of the ceiling of 20 hours of weekly work.

The Immigration Department indicates that the reinstatement of the cap aims to counter the labor shortage in the country.

En Alberta, the translation of wills written in French will no longer be necessary to probate successions from January 1, 2024.

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According to the Alberta Department of Justice, the growing number of clerks, lawyers and judges who are fluent in French makes this change to inheritance rules possible. (File photo)

Alberta Justice Minister Mickey Amery's November announcement puts an end to a series of significant challenges, including ensuring the proper translation of wills so that the document adequately communicates final wishes .

On the Calgary side, there will be changes to short-term rentals, such as Airbnb and Vrbo. Starting January 1, landlords will be required to have a business license to rent out their properties.

Changes to the current bylaw were approved by municipal council in June.

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Calgary city council says it aims to strike a balance between businesses and communities. (Archive photo)

Edmonton city councilors want to propose similar rules inspired by the new law presented by Colombia -British in October to combat the housing crisis.

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