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New home mental health service for the Outaouais

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A mobile and multidisciplinary team will be responsible for providing home care to patients suffering from disorders in Mental Health. (Archive photo)


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People struggling with mental disorders will now be able to obtain a range of home care in Outaouais. This “home hospitalization service” aims to reduce the need for hospitalization for people who require “an acute level of care”.

Starting Friday, a multidisciplinary team will be available to offer this brief intensive treatment service at home.

The process involves three distinct key moments: resolution of the crisis, stabilization and resumption of daily life activities. From the start and throughout the follow-up, the family or loved ones are involved in the process and supported, thus strengthening social support, it is assured in the government press release.

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Lionel Carmant, Minister responsible for Social Services. (Archive photo)

The Minister responsible for social services Lionel Carmant sees this program as part of a cultural change in the health system's approach to mental health issues.

Hospitalization at home gives excellent results in the regions where the service is established and offers several advantages, one of them being that it allows the team dealing with being exposed to the person's environment, argues Mr. Carmant.

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The service will be available seven days a week. Patients will be able to obtain follow-up over a period of 6 to 12 weeks, ranging from several meetings per day to a few times per week, the release states.

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