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Radio-Canada has agreed to grant anonymity to David (fictitious first name) to protect the identity of his daughter who been bullied at school in the past.

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Father of child undergoing gender reassignment feels offended by Alberta's new gender identity policy for minors.

Prime Minister Danielle Smith's intention to ban gender reassignment surgeries for under-17s, announced on the X network, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday and confirmed at a press conference on Thursday is causing a stir in the province.

When I saw the ad, I was shocked, because it personally affects my daughter, says David, a fictitious first name. Radio-Canada agreed to grant him anonymity to protect the identity of his daughter who was the victim of harassment at school in the past, due to her transition.

David's 15-year-old daughter has been on hormone therapy for several years. She is therefore exempt from the ban on puberty blockers and hormonal therapies used for gender reassignment.

Danielle Smith announced that teenagers who are already being processed are not affected by the measure.

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David is relieved for his daughter who will not be interrupted in her gender change process, but sad for many adolescents who, feeling bad about themselves, will not be able to freely begin transformation therapy.

Let's see, they can't do that, it's not correct, it's not fair, it's discriminatory, he is indignant.

It's going to be terrible for families with teenagers in need, what should they do ? We were lucky to be able to have the right follow-up, the right treatments for my daughter so that she could become who she is.

A quote from David, father of a transgender child< /blockquote>

According to David, the new gender policies decided by Alberta will pose a lot of problems for families who have children suffering from gender dysphoria.

He believes that the restrictions will force many affected families to leave Alberta to settle in another province. That's what he would have done if he found himself in that situation, he said.

In a case where a family finds itself with a child who needs help and cannot get it, the first thing I think of is #x27;is to move to another province such as British Columbia, Quebec or Ontario.

A quote from David, father of a transgender child

For David, transformation is a necessity for children who find themselves in a bad identity. According to him, gender dysphoria can cause serious mental, psychological problems and distress in children.

If my daughter had not had the chance to assert herself as a girl, then to have good treatment and psychological and psychiatric follow-ups, she would not be the teenager she was. today who has friends, who is content, who is happy, who has little adolescent problems like everyone else.

A quote from David, father of a transgender child

David says it was at the age of 3 that his daughter began to make it clear that she didn't want a boy's body. The right time to begin the transformation process, according to him, is at the onset of puberty between 11 and 12 years of age before the body undergoes all the natural transformations due to puberty.

I remember that my daughter was her biggest fear: I don't want an Adam's apple, I don't want hair, I don't want a body man, I am a woman, there was distress there. Then, once the follow-ups with the psychologists and then the treatments began, it was OK. I can be a woman, she was a person like the different one.

According to David, more transgender children have suicidal thoughts and take action than so-called “normal” teenagers. He thinks it is maintained by the lack of good follow-up. The father of a transgender child invites the province to review its new policy regarding the issue of gender.

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