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The clinical psychologist must submit to the sanctions of his professional order regarding comments deemed inappropriate on social media.

New failure of Dr. Jordan Peterson in court.

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Psychologist Jordan Peterson interviewed on Radio-Canada on an unspecified date.

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Checkmate for the psychologist controversial Jordan Peterson: the Ontario Court of Appeal refuses to hear him regarding the order of his professional order which obliged him in 2022 to take professional training on social media under penalty of losing your right to practice.

Jordan Peterson alleged that the College of Psychologists of Ontario was trying to undermine his reputation and take away his right to practice psychology in the province , but the Ontario Divisional Court had already dismissed it last summer.

Freedom of expression: controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson loses his bet

The Divisional Court upheld the order of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, which had ordered him to follow a mentoring training on how to express yourself in the public sphere.

At the time, the lower court ruled that the Order was entitled to order its members to undergo such training after making inappropriate statements in public or on social media.

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In its judgment, the Court wrote that the Order's decision was adequate, balanced and reasonable in light of the mandate and regulations of the organization and the Canadian Code of Professional Ethics for Psychologists.

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Section 2b of the Charter on Freedom of Expression was at the center of the arguments when Mr. Peterson's application was heard in June 2023 before the Ontario Divisional Court.

Jordan Peterson claimed that this media training is a form of re-education camp.

In an email to Radio-Canada, the Court of Appeal refused to explain its reasons for not hearing it, but a spokesperson explained that the complainant had filed his request for hearing. ;appeal in September and judges of the province's highest court released their decision on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Mr. Peterson did not quickly reacted on his X account by writing the following tweet: I want all the current henchmen of the Order of Psychologists to publicly apologize and then resign en masse.

They want me to undergo rehabilitation – which they know will occupy my time but will fail anyway – in order to damage my reputation and take away my right to practice, he adds. Jordan Peterson is a retired psychology professor at the University of Toronto. With this refusal by the Court of Appeal, the Toronto psychologist has now exhausted all his legal recourses.

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