New details of the attack carried out by a journalist from Noticias Uno: the companion was identified and the Prosecutor's Office announced an investigation

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The Casa de Nariño announced that the communicator Juan Fernando Barona, who was captured on video when he punches the floor of his would-be romantic partner, He was separated from the group of journalists covering President Gustavo Petro's tour

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New details of the attack carried out by a journalist from Noticias Uno: they identified the companion and the Prosecutor's Office announced an investigation

They withdraw to journalist Juan Fernando Barona, from Noticias Uno, upon learning of a recording in which it would be shown that he hit a woman. Photo: screenshot.

A generalized rejection has caused the physical aggression that journalist Juan Fernando Barona, from the news Noticias Uno committed against a woman. The communicator was covering the tour of President Gustavo Petro, during his visit to Egypt, and even caused the reaction of the Presidency of the Republic and an ex officio investigation by the Attorney General's Office.

Through a statement, the Casa de Nariño announced that, after showing the video where Barona hits and assaults severely the victim,they decided to separate him from the group of accredited communicators to cover the head of state in his participation in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 27).

“As a result of the known complaints of gender-based violence against the journalist Juan Fernando Barona, the Presidency of the Republic has contacted Noticias UNO and its director to inform them that this collaborator will be separated from the group of journalists who cover the president”, said the Executive.

In addition, they assured that Barona's return to Colombia will be financed by the newscast and that any other additional requirement will be the responsibility of the national embassy on Egyptian soil.

New details of the attack carried out by a journalist from Noticias Uno: the companion was identified and the Prosecutor's Office announced an investigation


After the Colombian presidency removed the journalist, Noticias Uno also decided to fire him after learning of the scene in which the subject is seen beating a woman in an elevator who, apparently, would be his sentimental partner and whose identity is unknown at the moment.

The director of the outlet, Jorge Acosta, spoke through his Twitter account and confirmed that, despite removing Barona from his position, he will have the right “to due process” and, although he was fired , they would finance the flight with which he will return to his native country.

“As of this moment, Juan Fernando Barona is not part of Noticias Uno. The administrative and editorial teams learned tonight of the serious images spread on social networks. Mr. Barona has the right to his defense within due process. Because he was abroad covering a presidential tour, he received instructions to return to the country at the next stop,” reported Acosta.

The images show how Barona subdues the aforementioned victim in the apartment, he tries to silence her by force and punches her several times, while another man identified as Nicolás Vergara accompanies him, hands him some suitcases and some keys, but does nothing to stop the brutal beating. Regarding the companion of the aggressor, he revealed in the last hours that he is a financial advisor and, after this scandal, he decided to close his social networks. The video record shows that the event occurred last Friday, October 14, at 10:44 p.m.

Noticias Uno was removed for an alleged case of gender-based violence

The Prosecutor's Office will also investigate

This unfortunate event, which has shocked Colombians, also reached judicial instances. The Attorney General's Office announced, early this Wednesday morning, that it will investigate Barona for gender violence. However, it will be an investigation ex officio, where the videos and complaints that are viral on the internet about this case are taken as evidence.

The accusing entity, in addition, will use all the evidentiary material, such as the video in question, as well as the Legal Medicine reports that Barona provided where he assures that his partner also assaulted him.

Then After the social networks were flooded with messages against the journalist, he also spoke on his Twitter account and described the event as “painful”, “private” and “intimate”. In the profile of his social network, he attached photographs of him where several scratches are seen which, apparently, would have been inflicted by the victim, who tried to defend himself from the brutal beating that Barona inflicted on him.

In addition, he assured that, as a result of the alleged aggressions that the woman of the video caused him, the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences gave him a 15-day disability. However, she did not justify or apologize to the woman she attacked , as can be seen in the images that have been widely viralized on the internet.

“I never wanted to make public a painful private case, which is intimate, to preserve the rights of the other person involved, and mine. However, as some parts have been disclosed without context and without consulting me, I am making this photo and the Forensic Medicine opinion that was performed on me and that gave me a 15-day incapacity for general knowledge. * I will not say another word about it, except on the podium (sic)”, Barona wrote on the social network.

New details of The aggression carried out by a journalist from Noticias Uno: the companion was identified and the Prosecutor's Office announced an investigation


Users of social networks assured that the victim She was a foreigner and, as a result of Barona's aggression, she was also incapacitated for several days.