New aid package from the US: what Ukraine will get

New aid package from the US: what Ukraine will get

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 New US aid package: what will Ukraine get

The press service of the US Department of Defense reported that the package of military assistance to Ukraine, announced by US President Joseph Biden on Wednesday, is designed for the long term.

“This announcement represents the start of a contracting process to provide additional priority opportunities to Ukraine in the medium to long term so that Ukraine can continue to defend itself as an independent, sovereign and prosperous nation. To date, this is the largest tranche of security assistance for Ukraine,” the message emphasizes.

It is worth noting that this assistance package will include six additional National Advanced Air Defense Missile Systems (NASAMS) and their ammunition .

Puma unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and accessories for Scan Eagle UAS systems, VAMPIRE anti-UAV systems, laser-guided missile systems will also be delivered.

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