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Netflix: this Russo brothers film will be even more expensive than an MCU film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

The collaboration betweenNetflix and the Russo brothers is fruitful. The directors will sign yet another collaboration with the streaming platform, beginning in 2021 with Cherry, where they found one of their protégés from the MCU, Tom Holland. TitledThe Electric State,this sci-fi film will be even more expensive than classic Marvel blockbusters!

Netflix: this Russo brothers film will be even more expensive than an MCU film

The Electric State, an expensive Netflix film

Overpriced. The budget of the Russo brothers' next film, in partnership with Netflix, has nothing to do with it. envy the duo's productions for Marvel Studios. After having produced bothTyler Rakewith Chris Hemsworth, then directedThe Gray Man with Ana de Armas, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans,the filmmakers sign a new XXL project for the streaming platform. Faithful to themselves, they continue to work with actors from the MCU. ForThe Electric State, they cast themselves with a cast of MCU alumni, with whom they have already worked. worked on the sets of theCaptain Americatrilogy and the last twoAvengers. In addition to Millie Bobby Brown, present since the start of the adventure, they recruited Chris Pratt, the Star Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy, but also Anthony Mackie, Steve Rogers' best friend.

Netflix: this Russo brothers film will be even more expensive than an MCU film

Also starring are Ke Huy Quan, Giancarlo Esposito and Brian Cox. A five-star cast, which nevertheless does not explain the staggering rating of The Electric State : according to our colleagues at Puck, this film will cost the astronomical sum of 300 million dollars to be released. Netflix! Or the price of one of the most expensive feature films in the MCU, Avengers Infinity War. The Russo brothers are used to blockbusters thanks to their their work at Marvel Studios, and the fact that the streaming platform entrusted them with their work. The reins of this project is proof of their competence. This adaptation of the graphic novelTales from the Loopby Simon Stalenhag follows a teenage girl who realizes that her new robot friend, sweet but strange, has actually been her ; sent by her missing brother. She and the robot leave for another city. the search for the boy, thus discovering a vast conspiracy…

A film that we can't wait to discover, don't you?

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