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Netflix: this cult series beats its own record

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

One ​​of the current series has just broken its own record on Netflix >, and it's impressive! We'll explain what it's all about.

Netflix: this cult series breaks its own record

a series that is a hit on netflix

There are hundreds and hundreds of series on Netflix, but how many are canceled after one season, or simply forgotten by everyone and lost in the depths of the streaming platform's catalog? Fortunately, there are also phenomenal series that leave an impression on the public.And this is precisely one of them that interests us today.

It's been more than three years since the series The Bridgerton Chroniclesbrings joy to Netflix and its subscribers. Highly appreciated, it was logically accepted. renewed fora season 3, which is finally available in full. on May 16, 2024.It was one of the most anticipated series of the month, despite all the outings planned and listed in our dedicated article. And it seems that the fans are there. Newbies may have also launched into the game. in the series recently, since season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles broke a previous series record without any difficulty. . Çit already smells like season 4!

the bridgerton chroniclebreaks its own record with season 3

The first four episodes of season 3 ofThe Bridgerton Chronicleswere released in 2018. went live on Netflix on Thursday, May 16, and audience figures were up. revealed. And suffice to say that it is a real feat that we see: from May 16 to 19,season 3 of the American series recorded 45.1 million views, accumulating 165.2 million hours viewed in the space of four days!The record established by the previous season is therefore exploded. , since it had not accumulated “that” 22.7 million views in three days.

 Netflix: this cult series breaks its own record

For the first time, with its third season,The Bridgerton Chronicle is divided ;e in two parts. And the bet seems to be a winning one, since by only putting four episodes online simultaneously, Netflix has managed to achieve this. condense the viewing hours and at agrave; capture the audience's attention from the first to the last episode. A week after its release, the first part of season 3 still occupies first place among the most watched series on the platform.

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