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Netflix: this completely free subscription could soon see the light of day

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun24,2024

Netflix could soon implement anew subscription plan. This would be offered completely free of charge. But then, how could the streaming platform make it profitable?

Netflix: this completely free subscription could soonô t see the light of day

a new subscription formula on netflix?

Market leader of video streaming, Netflix must face a challenge increasingly tough competition. To stay ahead, having a comprehensive catalog is not enough. So, Netflix is ​​evolving and notably upgrading its content. update its subscriptions,the prices of which have the unfortunate tendency to increase. increase regularly. But this time, the opposite path could be taken, since internally, discussions around a free subscription are reportedly underway.

The information comes to us from the very serious mediaBloomberg, but it remains at the same time take with a grain of salt: the sources are anonymous, and no official decision has yet been made. socket. We understand, however, thatthis would be the logical evolution of the subscription to 5.99 € with advertisements, launched in 2022. Despite Despite the numerous criticisms generated, this formula has proven itself and had already been used. attracts more than 40 million people in May 2024.

Netflix: this completely free subscription could soon see the light of day

a free subscription, with advertisements

The details are missing. at the moment, but we know that these are the advertisements that would bring in money to the public. Netflix with this potential new free subscription.This could even be more profitable than a classic subscription for the platform. In 2023, he had been revealed that a subscription with advertisements brought in more money than an Essential subscription, without advertisements. But Netflix still has to establish itself in the field. Because if the platform dominates the market, streaming,Bloombergreveals that it only occupies tenth position among streaming platforms attracting the most advertisers. The fault, in part, lies with prices too high to attract the latter.

Netflix: this completely free subscription could soon see the light of day

By the way,Bloombergtells us that this 100% free subscription formula has already been used. Summer tested in certain territories, notably in Kenya. She was finally released. abandoned, but Netflix could soon try the experiment again on the European and Asian markets. However, the project is still being discussed. and nothing is done. We will probably know more in the coming months.

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