Netflix: this apocalyptic comedy with Adam Driver offers a new attractive trailer

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Big name actor like Adam Driver, apocalypse, humor > and satire. What more ? A trailer to get you wet. the mouth perhaps? Here you are. served, since the film which will be released on Netflix has offered a new trailer!

Netflix: This apocalyptic comedy starring Adam Driver gets a tantalizing new trailer

Adam Driver's return to Netflix

He may have been mocked by some Star Wars fansfor his role of Kylo Ren in the postlogy made in Disney, Adam Driver remains an extremely popular and very talented actor. Each of the projects in which he is involved; arouses curiosity, and it is therefore only logical that White Noise, an apocalyptic comedy directed by Noah Baumbach and scheduled for Netflix on December 30 ;cember, is expected by many. As we had not published dedicated article to this subject, we share with you the first teaser published; two months ago.

If everything is not clear at After seeing these first images, don't panic, we learn more in the new trailer, released this Tuesday, November 22.

A satire of society; tee American transposed to the screen

White Noise, it is a film adaptation of the novel Buit de fond,that we owe to American writer Don DeLillo. This one depicts a society; American in full apocalypse at through the eyes of a typical bourgeois family, forced to leave their home. The work is a true satire which deals with themes as varied as violence, overconsumption, or even overmediatization. It seems that White Noisefollows the same path, perhaps focusing more on wacky humor and offbeat situations. We let you judge with this new trailer.

You will understand, Adam Driver will not be alone since his character Jack Gladney will be accompanied of his wife Babbette (Greta Gerwig), as well as their children. Traveling to; across the country to escape a toxic cloud that is spreading, all these beautiful people will have to stay. welded while family values ​​will be upheld. tough test. For your information, White Noise, which will be released on Netflix on December 30, 2022, has been released. presented to the opening of the Venice Film Festival earlier this year.