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Netflix: the platform makes this decision, the worst possible

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Face to face competition more fierce than ever, and eager to increase its rate of profitability, Netflix has just made a decision which risks enraging many subscribers.

Netflix: the platform makes this decision, the worst possible

After ;s account sharing and deletion of the Essential plan

It has now become a habit, Netflix likes to review its strategies in its war on television. the hegemony of SVOD. The platform has changed several times; use his shoulder gun to readjust his economic model. We remember the end of account sharing and the formula with advertising. 5.99 euros which caused a stir, but allowed the streaming giant to raise the bar.

While the competition is all the more fierce since the arrival ;e in France of Max and its ultra attractive catalog of films and series such as The Last of Us, Succession, The White Lotus, Euphoria, the franchise Harry Potter, Matrix, The Dark Knight, Joker, Game of Thrones, and of course season 2 of House of the Dragon, Netflix put the lock on last December with the elimination of its Essential offer. The intermediate package encrypted à à 10.99 euros per month.

Netflix: the platform makes this decision, the worst possible

netflix no longer leaves you the choice

Yet, those who already had it; subscribed were not affected by this withdrawal. Until Today,the streaming service invites holders of the offer to join. migrate to another offer. 

It is an American customer of the platform who revealed information on Reddit, after having had the bitter experience of having seen a message displayed, forcing him to change plan :”Choose another offer to continue watching. The Essential offer has been discontinued, but you can switch to another. Offers start at $5.99, with improved features.”

Apparently, this hardening of tone only concerns those who reside in the United Kingdom and Canada. Netflix imposes on its users an immediate change.

Netflix: the platform takes this decision, the worst possible

We can then imagine (from experience) that this hard blow should arrive soon in France, with the same obligation, that of downgrading to the Standard offer with advertising at €5.99 per month, or on the contrary, take out your wallet and go for the Standard package at €13.49 per month, or the Premium at €19.99 per month.

Behind this disappearance, Netflix is ​​planning to inflate its Standard and Standard with advertising subscriptions, which are more advantageous in terms of profitability. Will subscribers follow suit, or will they on the contrary cause a massive wave of unsubscriptions?

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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