Netflix: The platform's most controversial documentary is coming, and we're 100% ready for it drama

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. If you love drama and controversy, then one of Netflix's upcoming documentary series is definitely for you! We finally have the release date of one of the most talked about programs… and it's coming soon!

At Netflix, we are no longer one controversy away. Even the biggest recent successes of the platform have found themselves at the heart of accusations. This was for example the case with Dahmer which was criticized by the families of the victims; with Wednesday which found itself at the center of a racist controversy or else 1899who found herself in the midst of a plagiarism controversy, accusations to which the team of the series did not fail to respond. Recently, the documentary series At the dawn of our history also pissed off quite a few people and was even called “the platform's most dangerous series“.< /p>

On the documentary side, Netflix often sends heavy by leaning on completely crazy true stories. After Keep Sweet, Pray and Shut Up, Killer Sally and FIFA: Football and Corruption, the platform will still make people talk with a documentary series that is likely to spill a lot (a lot) of ink. It now has a release date and it will be very (very) soon.

This documentary series will cause controversy

Christmas is coming before hour on Netflix…for anyone who loves drama. Because in just a few days, the platform will unveil one of its most anticipated programs, and the most dreaded for some: the documentary series devoted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yes, only a few months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and a few weeks before the release of the memoirs of Prince William's brother, the platform will put online Harry & Meghan, a series in 6 episodes about the couple which continues to make ink flow in England.

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The platform has uploaded the trailer for this docu-series (to see in our slideshow) and we are ready for tea! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the beginnings of their couple and the pressures and manipulations they suffered before leaving everything to embark on a new life, far from the royal family. The episodes will be available in two parts: the first December 8 (this Thursday) and the second December 15 next. A docu-series that should still be quite controversial in England.


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