Netflix showed how the characters of the series sex education sound in different languages

Netflix показал, как герои сериала Сексуальное воспитание звучат на разных языках

Netflix published movie by cutting scenes from the TV series “sex education” (Sex ed, Sex Education), which has already renewed for a third season, where the characters speak different languages.

In particular, gene swears in Czech, Otis speaks in French, and Eric speaks Japanese.

Earlier, Netflix has published a video with cuts of scenes from the popular series “Very strange case”.

Recall the TV series “sex education” tells the story of sixteen-year-old teenager named Otis (ACE Butterfield) who is experiencing the divorce of her parents and lives with his mom, who is a sex therapist (Gillian Anderson). One day the boy, together with my classmate Maeve decides to open the school underground courses of sexual education.

The first part of the show was released in January 2019, created a furor and became a hit. According to Netflix, less than a month, the series was watched by over 40 million people. On this wave of success they decided to extend the series for a second season to expand further the issue of sex and teenagers. The second season appeared on Netflix on 17 January 2020. The Creator of the series Lori Nunn said that in this universe there are still stories that need to be told, and is now waiting for the third season. Premiere of new series scheduled for 2021.

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