Netflix reveals what and how people have been watching over the past 25 years

Netflix reveals what and how people have been watching over the past 25 years

American media service provider and production company Netflix celebrates its 25th anniversary. On his birthday, the streamer posted a historical video about the birth of video entertainment.

Netflix showed what and how people watched over the past 25 years


For almost a decade, Netflix has been the undisputed market leader, but 2022 was a watershed year, with Disney and other media and tech rivals closing the gap as subscribers and share prices plummeted.

However, Netflix has one thing that competitors will never do, and that is trailblazing status . The company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary today, has transformed media business, entertainment and culture.

Since 2015, Netflix has been producing a large the number of own original series and films; The first original Netflix series was House of Cards, which premiered its first season in 2013. Sometimes Netflix does not produce the film itself and buys the rights to exclusive distribution of a certain film for a particular country or territory. One of the first acquisitions was “The Cloverfield Paradox”, which Netflix acquired from Paramount Pictures in early 2018 and began streaming on February 4, 2018.

In May 2021, it was reported that Netflix is ​​about to release video games. In the summer, the company announced plans to add a video game streaming service to its platform.

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