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Netflix: June 2024 releases herald a bloody month

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

After a busy month of May once again in terms of releases, Netflix has just announced the releases of its films, series and documentaries at the same time. as summer approaches. And there will be some heavy stuff, between the spin-off One Piece Red, part 2 of season 3 of the Bridgerton Chronicles the French shark film Sous la Seine, or the hallucinatory trip of a bear in Crazy Bear.

Netflix: June 2024 releases herald a bloody month


At the start of 2024, the One Piece film dodged Netflix to head to the side of Netflix. from its competitor Prime Video. But after having had his series in live-action, and broadcast the Egghead arc last April, the red N finally offers to; offers its subscribers this side adventure set before the events of Wano and which focuses on the daughter of Red Shanks. Became a real popstar world-famous, Uta will give a very special concert that the members of the Chapeau de Paille will not soon forget. If the film had not been unanimously acclaimed, When it was released in cinemas in 2022, it was, however, a hit. on Prime Video, and should therefore logically find its audience on Ted Sarandos' platform.


The Seine is on everyone's lips at all times. the approach of the Paris Olympics this summer. Needs to be cleaned up to host the opening ceremony and the various competitions, it is also at the center of the worst troll campaigns.So when an ocean scientist discovers that a shark is living in the river nearby, As the World Triathlon Championships approach, the whole city is shivering. This is the point of Sous la Seine. A real shark film in the vein of In Troubled Waters, Instinct of Survival or 47 < em>Meters Down,but at agrave; the French. Xavier Gens' film was, however, accused by another French director Vincent Dietschy, author ofCatfish,of“parasitism”. According to the latter, Xavier Gens would have copied his idea to carry out his project.


Inspired by a mind-blowing news item, Crazy Bear tells the story of a brown bear who ingested a shipment of cocaine that disappeared after the crash of a plane.Face to face the completely crazy beast, the inhabitants, tourists and thugs will have to survive in a dense forest in the middle of the state of Georgia. Between a black comedy and a horror film, Crazy Bearenjoyed its small success at The film is therefore inspired by a tragic incident that occurred in 1985, involving a 90 kg black bear who died of an overdose in a forest in the state of Georgia. , in the United States.

June 1

  • Nocturnal Animals – film
  • Lolita Despite me – series
  • New Amsterdam – season 4 – series

June 3

  • 47 Meters Down – film

June 5

  • Sous la seine – film
  • The Taken trilogy – film
  • heists the hollywoodienne – docu
  • Hitler and the Nazis, the trial of evil – docu

June 6

  • Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura– film
  • Sweet Tooth season 3 – series

June 7

  • Perfect Match – season 2 – docu
  • Hierarchy – a Korean mini-series the Éelite – series

June 11

    < li>Tour de France: At the heart of the peloton – docu
  • One Piece Red – film

June 12

  • The Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors – docu

June 13

  • Did you fish? – film
  • The Bridgerton Chronicles part 2 season 3 – series

June 14

  • Ultraman Rising – film
  • Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams – series

June 15

  • Fatal Connection – film< /li>
  • My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission – film
  • Crazy Bear – movie
  • The Fault in Our Stars – film

June 16

  • Around the world in 80 days – film
  • Ronaldo – docu

June 18

  • Agents of Mystery – docu
  • Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution – docu

June 19< /h2>

< ul style="list-style-type: circle;">

  • The Legacy – film
  • Mr. Kleks Academy – film
  • Hitman – film
  • Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba The Blacksmiths' Village – film
  • June 20

    • Mom or Dad 1&2 – movie
    • America's Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – series
    • The Exchanged Twins of Bogota – docu

    June 21

    • The Coke Clans – series
    • Riposte – film

    June 22

    • < em>Rising Impact– series

    June 25

    • KAULITZ & KAULITZ season 1 – docu

    June 27

    • < em>The Sketch of Our Lives – film
    • That 90's show Part 2 – sé rie

    June 28

    • The underside of the family – film

    June 30

    • SupraCell< /em> season 1 – series

    On your side, don't hesitate to tell us which films and series are worth watching integrate the Netflix catalog that you are most looking forward to in June 2024 in the comment section.

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