Netflix: barely released, this explosive French film is a hit on the platform

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Earlier in the week, we already had you here. revealed that the second part of this French police saga, to know Lost Bullet 2, was a hit on Netflix, and this only a few days after its release. But it would seem that in addition to being very popular in France, but also in internationally, the film also made a record starton the platform, according to the latest statistics recently released.

Netflix: barely released, this explosive French film is a hit on the platform

revenge under the hood

French Netflix productions seem to have become more and more popular lately, all over the world, as evidenced by the success they have had. by the series Lupin with Omar Sy, and more recently that of the film Ball Perdue 2, released on November 10 on the streaming platform. Indeed, while it has just been released just over a week ago, it seems that Guillaume Pierret’s new film has directed; an excellent start, thus achieving set a new record.

Like the first installment in the saga, released in 2020 and which became one of the most popular French films on Netflix, the sequel has apparently achieved the same feat. than its predecessor, ranking in the top 10 in over 80 countries according to FlixPatrol. A success which therefore affected the whole world, going from Latin America with in particular Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay, and this to Asia, with for example Pakistan, Vietnam or India.

Netflix: barely released, this explosive French film is a hit on the platform

Balle Perdue 2< /em> thus being the third most-watched feature film. in the world ranking, the film therefore recorded record audience figures, to the point of breaking a historic record in terms of viewing:

Directly following the film of 2020, we therefore find Alban Lenoir in the role of Lino, which will be strongly perturbed; by the death of his brother, but also that of his mentor Charas, incarnated; by Ramzy Bedia. Determined to making Marco and Areski pay for their crimes, Lino will join the forces of order alongside Julia, played by Stéfi Celma. But when the protagonist realizes that he will not be able to obtain justice, he will then decide to go it alone, having made up his mind to go it alone. to do honor to; his late mentor by doing what he considers right.

Just like in the first installment, Ball Perdue 2offers us a hefty dose of action with stunts worthy of the biggest productions, showing how determined a man can be; when submerged by his quest for revenge, especially when the latter is coupled with; a strong sense of injustice. And in view of the success met with by the first two films, the director has confirmed that Netflix had ordered a third part, thus making the French saga a trilogy. But given the end of the last film and the uncertain condition of Lino, Pierret reassured; fans and then declared to Allociné:

This is the kind of film where you can eat yourself a plane tree 200 km/h and you have nothing. So, just because he got planted and stabbed and he lost all his blood doesn't mean he's going to die. Until we see him dead, he isn't.

Netflix: Barely released, this explosive French film is a hit on the platform

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