Netflix: As soon as it was released, this thrilling adventure comedy with Jason Momoa was a huge success

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While waiting to discoverAquaman and the Lost World, Jason Momoa is back on Netflix in a movie of family adventure which is currently a hit. But what is it, exactly? 

Netflix: Upon release, this heart-pounding comedy adventure starring Jason Momoa is a hit. ;huge success

Fantasy, humor and a little emotion: an explosive cocktail

You're probably used to it: at Hitek, we regularly share the best programson streaming platforms and especially on Netflix. Often, these are horror series or films, action-packed, or inspired by real events. Sometimes it's even a combo of all of these elements. time. But today, we are changing register since we are going to talk about Little Nemo and the World of Dreams (Slumberland, in VO ).

If you speak English,you may already have heard of this work as Little Nemo in Slumberland, since that is the name of the comic strip the feature film is based on of two hours realized; by Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games, I Am Legend) and available since this Friday, November 18, 2022. The film has therefore been a great success for several days, and now occupies the first place of the Top most-watched movies on Netflix.

Jason Momoa tries his hand at; the family comedy

But in fact, what is it about,Little Nemo and the Dream World? If the original comic introduces us to Nemo as a young boy who tries to enter Slumberland (the land of sleep) with the aim of meeting a princess there,l he Netflix adaptation makes Nemo a little orphan who wishes to get her hands on a mysterious stone “that will grant her dearest wish”: to find her missing father.

Netflix: Upon release, this heart-pounding comedy adventure starring Jason Momoa is a hit. ;huge success

Funny, touching and full of fantasy, the fantastic comedy made on Netflix also owes its success to the presence of Jason Momoa in the cast. This one embodies Flip, a particularly extravagant outlaw and seems to correspond to the will of the Hawaiian actor to choose more original and quirky roles.He accompanies the young girl played by Marlow Barkley into a dreamlike world filled with magic and elements as fantastic as wacky that will be reminiscent of a certain Alice in Wonderland! In short, enough to spend an excellent evening with the family.