Netflix and its first video game for PC

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The streaming platform is looking for developers with a focus on triple-A and shooter titles

Netflix and its first PC game

The company is looking for a game director to create a triple-A title for PC for the first time.

The bet of Netflixfor video games may take a much stronger turn, moving away from mobile devices to bet on its first title for computers, according to a recent job offer from the company.

The company is looking for a director for Los Angeles, United States, who is capable of leading a new work team and developing a “new AAA game for PC”, with which they hope to captivate a larger gaming audience.< /p>

“Creating a great game that players want to come back to repeatedly is our primary goal – you'll be able to build, ship, and run a game without any competitive design constraints due to monetization,” the offer details.

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Although details of the game that the streaming platform has in mind, the job offer reveals some points that it would be aiming at when making the leap to PC, where games have much higher standards than on cell phones.

Among the skills the director should have is experience working on first and third person shooters, ever-evolving “live service” games, and rapid prototyping on the Unreal Engine , graphic engine for the creation of titles.

Netflix and its first video game for PC

The company is looking for a game director to create a triple-A title for PC for the first time.

They are also looking for someone who knows how to work on developing a multiplayer mode, both cooperative and competitive.< /p>

A point that stands out is that Netflix will not put “design restrictions” on the director in terms of monetization, since the company's video games They do not have internal payment systems such as ads or micro transactions.

All these requirements give a vision of what the company would have in mind with its first video game on PC, wanting an experience that adapts to single player and online multiplayer based on a series or movie on the platform.

< p class="paragraph">Along with this profile, the company is looking for other profiles such as a lead engineer who has experience in a “third person action RPG”.

In addition, a while ago Netflix has added staff with time working in the industry such as the former director of Overwatch, Chacko Sonny, who leads the studio located in Los Angeles. In addition, having a studio in Helsinki and buy other developer companies in the last two years.

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Netflix and its first videogame for PC

The company is looking for a video game director to create a triple-A title for PC for the first time.

Netflix Video Games

So far the company only has experiences on mobile devices, both for cell phones and tablets, which can be accessed with any subscription to the streaming service.

This is the list of those that are currently published

– Arcanium, Rise of Akhan: Roguelike card game and strategy.

– Asphalt Xtreme: Racing.

– Before Your Eyes: FPS adventure powered by blinks.

– Bowling Ballers: Infinite bowling race.

– Card Blast: Casual poker.

– Dominoes Cafe: Casual dominoes.

– Dungeon Dwarves : Ultimate Dungeon Clicker.

– Dragon Up: Adventure Game.

– Exploding Kittens: Card strategy.

– Hextech Mayhem, A League of Legends Story: Rhythm racing.

– Into the Breach: Turn-based strategy.

– Into the Dead 2, Unleashed: Action shooter.

– Knittens: Three 3 line puzzle game.

– Krispee Street: Hidden Object Game.

– Mahjong Solitaire: Matching Game.

– Moonlighter: Action Adventure/Shop Management.

– Poinpy: Vertical climbing platforms.

– Relic Hunters, Rebels: Side action.

– Shatter Remastered: Retro block breaking game.

– Shooting Hoops: Use darts to push basketballs into hoops.

– Stranger Things 1984: Retro Adventure.

< b>– Stranger Things 3, The Game: Retro cooperative adventure.

– Teeter (Up): Physics puzzle game.< /p>

– This is a True Story: Narrative puzzle game.

– Townsmen, A Kingdom Rebuilt: City Builder.

– Wonderpuff Forever: Mini-Golf Simulator.

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